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June Hunting Tips

Summer is here, the kids are out of school, the first swarm of mosquitoes has arrived. All you bow hunters know that deer season is right around the corner. I am trying to get all my outdoor home projects done before it gets too close to hunting season.  The spring food plots are in. The mineral Licks have been made. My summer bow shooting schedule is starting. We have a lot going on.

  We have finished our spring food plots. This year we are going to do things differently. Last year we planted all our plots in the fall with our fall blends because of the very dry summer. This spring we had some of the annuals make it through the winter. A few turnips made it along with quite a bit of rape plants.

 We really wanted to get a few good perennial plots going, so we over seeded last falls plot with “AWH Perennial Plus”. This mix has everything that a deer could want, four types of clover, chicory, and small burnett, a perennial forb that likes dry gravel or sandy soil where a lot of other crops will not grow. These plots were not seeded the in the most ideal conditions. First we did not spray or till the soil, we wanted to keep the crops that were left over from last fall. All we did was fertilize and over seed. We did seed right before a rain which helps in germination. A week after the seeding we mowed down the rape plants that were growing, to give the clover a chance to grow. This is a good test to how our seed works without tilling the soil. I am very interested to see how the plot  turns out. We have one thing going for us, we are getting plenty of rain here in early June.

I was at my parent’s house over the Memorial Day weekend. They live in the North woods in Vilas County, Wisconsin. My son Ty and I got some fishing in, worked on some household projects, and managed to start a food plot by their house. In the past, my dad always fed the deer, corn all winter long. He had motion detector lights over the corn piles so he could watch the deer feed at night.

I discussed with my father that there is a strong possibility that the Wisconsin DNR will ban baiting and feeding next year in Wisconsin due to their inability to control CWD.

We decided that we should put in a food plot and a mineral lick to bring the deer in close to his house for viewing.

I thought that this is the perfect chance to see how our seed works in the worst possible conditions. Such as poor soil, very limited tilling, no fertilizer, and limited sunlight. This plot is right in the middle of the woods. Our “AWH Perennial Plus” is just the ticket for this application. I also added some “AWH Brassica Blast” to the plot also. We should know how things work out by July 4th when I go back up to finish the roof over his porch.

 With our food plots and mineral licks in place, we now wait on the Iowa DNR to see if we drew tags.

 It is also the time to get shooting. I have shot just a few times since last fall. I will be starting to practice more now that summer is here. I will go over everything on my bow. I will check the rest, string, sight, quiver, arrows, broad heads, everything. This will give me plenty of time in case I need to replace things.

Send me an email and let me know how the mineral licks and the food plots are going.

 Good Luck,

If you want bigger, healthier deer make a Mineral Lick. If you are interested, here is a link to our mineral lick page;

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