DIY Battery Powered Camp Sink
Last weekend I tried out a DIY camp sink when I participated in the Third Annual Tennessee Correction Executive Association BBQ contest. This cookout was to raise money for Correction Officers in need. Its a worthy cause, but the competition is brutal. We set up on the grounds of “The Walls” more accurately known as the Tennessee State Penitentiary. If you want power bring a generator, and if you need water you have to share a hose.

Because I was cooking for people I wanted a better method to wash my hands. Additionally, I am truing to get my non-camping wife interested in camping so I had extra emphasis on easy.

The Sink

I saw this portable fish processing table and thought it would be a great start to make a battery powered camp sink. Now normally I would have bought a table and cut out a hole for a large Tupperware tote and rigged up a sink faucet, but the Chief Cook on my team would not approve of any jury-rigged solutions. He is a serious BBQ pit master. This meant I had to spend more money and ensure the finished product looked nice.

This $65.99 table is designed to hook to a water hose, but since all the 20+ teams share a single hose, and there are no hoses in the woods, I wanted to make it independent of a water hook up.

I looked at all manner of solutions. I wanted battery powered. My budget said it needed to be simple and relatively inexpensive. I thought about this for several weeks, and the internet was no help.

When I can’t find a solution on the internet my semi-modern brain starts to think that others tried my idea and found it unworkable. However, I am stubbornly optimistic and decided the lack of information online meant that I am innovative. After much scouring of the internet and all the Camping stores in Nashville, I decided on a small battery powered camp shower. I decided against a sump or boat bilge pump because of looks – but a handy person could definitely use something like that.

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