Singalila National Park is situated besides the ridges of Himalayas in north side of West Bengal inside Darjeeling district. It is more than 7 thousand feet’s above from the Sea level. It is announced wildlife sanctuary in 1986 and then Nation Park in 1992.  This park is known for heaven who likes trekking. This park is also rich in nature, flora and fauna.

Singalila National Park is the pride of Darjeeling. It is up 7000 ft from the sea level. Darjeeling is famous for tea. It has large tea garden. Tea from Darjeeling are exported in many countries.

It would be excellent to spend time in this park. Here you can get cool and romantic weather whole year because of Himalayas. If you know about Nepali than you can easily connect with the local people. But everyone in Singalila very much knew English because of tourist.

For photographer this marvelous place is more than heaven. You can click some outstanding photos of wild life and nature and have a wonderful experience. From birds, insects, animals, nature anything you need to capture in your camera Singalila will give you.

Singalila is rich in trekking. Manebhanjan, Guiribus and Sandakhphu in this place tourist can trek. Here sun rises at 5 am with sweet red and yellow light and sets so earlier about 4 pm with amazing clouds. One of the most famous trekking routes is Uttarey Trek route in Sikkim that will take you Singalila to Sandakphu.

Sandakphu is also great tourist place. It is the highest place West Bengal. Tourist can see beautiful views of Himalayas. I concern trekking is the best thing in touring. You can enjoy the whole beautiful nature, scenario, wild life of the place.  Spectacular forest you can see there. Tress like Rhododendron, Magnolia, Oak, Hemlock, Silver Fir, Juniper you can see everywhere.  Animals like wild animal like Leopard, Red Panda, Barking Deer, Pangolin etc you can see everywhere and birds like Cuckoo, Hornbills, Pigeons, Golden Eagles you can see as well.

Touring is your passion than you will like to staying and eating in Singalila. You very rare see any 5 stars hotels or full furnished hotels. There you can see most Govt. tourist lodge. Mostly resorts and cottage are made be bamboo and wood. But the most wonderful thing is trekking hut which only you can see in this type of hill station. If you are a food loving person than you will like this place because here you can get verities of delicious food. Recipes from West BengalHealth Fitness Articles, Siliguri will blow your mind. Nepali and Bhutan are so close to this area that why you can also enjoy their foods.

Come with your family from November to March. In this time you can see the real magic of Singalila National Park. In this time you can get a romantic weather. Beautiful early sunrise and cloudy sunset will take you to another world. Nature looks more greenery and birds sing more sweetly. The clean White Mountain will force you to stay some more time here.

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