Explore the
vast landscapes of Argentina by partaking in one of the many outdoor excursions
available. Learn more about the variety of outdoor activities for your
Argentina travel with this article written by an Argentina travel expert.

If you are
looking to explore the diverse terrains of South America, head to Argentina.
With a plethora outdoor activities from trekking to scuba diving, enjoy the
natural beauty of Argentina during your vacation.

Trekking: If
you are looking to do some trekking there are plenty of great Argentina
destinations that are perfect for beginners and beyond. Throughout all of
Argentina’s Patagonia there are fantastic opportunities for trekking, with a
variety of levels trekkers of all types will be satisfied. A unique trekking
experience can be found at the Perito Moreno Glacier, where you can trek the
icy landscapes of this massive glacier. The nearby Cerro Frias is another great
spot for trekking as it provides panoramic views of Torres del Paine, Monte
Fitz, and Argentina Lake and is perfect for a day trip! For more spectacular
yet completely different scenery head to Mendoza, Argentina’s wine region. This
area is not only known for its fantastic vineyards but its surrounding scenery
is stunning. Hike through the nearby mountains and receive beautiful views over
this wine region.

Skiing: For
those looking to hit the slopes during their Argentina travel a trip to
Bariloche is your best choice. At the Cerro Cathedral, one of the top Argentina
ski resorts, skiers and snowboarders alike will enjoy the fresh powder.
Providing over 62 miles of slopes and zones as well as 32 miles of
cross-country skiing routes travelers can spend days, even weeks, exploring the
trails and terrain. Another Argentina destination for your skiing pleasure is
Ushuaia. Right outside of the city at Cerro Castor, you can explore the slopes
and view the surrounding scenery, before exploring the other great Ushuaia

Activities: There are several water sports and activities perfect to include in
your Argentina travel itinerary. Include a trip to the beautiful Puerto Madryn
for a diving adventure. Beginners and experts can enjoy this dive at the Golfo
Nuevo, where you will plunge into the waters and get the chance to see the
variety of underwater flora and fauna including, coral, starfish and sea
anemones. The Puerto Madryn region also allows for some Kayaking, taking you
along the coastline of the Gulfo Nuevo allowing travelers to see a variety of
wildlife. In the northern part of Argentina enjoy more water adventures, with a
river rafting expedition in Mendoza. After your exciting rafting tour you can
enjoy one of the region’s famous Malbecs from one of the many vineyards.

Riding: Throughout Argentina there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the
landscapes on horseback. Most destinations offer horseback riding through the
city’s, mountain landscapes, and other terrain. If you happen to find yourself
in Salta, take a horseback riding tour through the verdant hills and valleys
and possibly visit a typical estanciaBusiness Management Articles, a perfect way to explore this region.

With a wide
variety of scenery and landscapes Argentina is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream
come true. Explore the country’s many regions and enjoy the wide array of
outdoor activities available during your Argentina travel.

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