When baby makes three, someone is often left out. Can you guess who? Where does the new father, former star of his home, fit into this new world of round the clock feedings, diapers, and laundry?

Mothers can be very baby centered and for good reason. After all, when God creates little babies, He makes them irresistible, maybe so mothers will endure the rigors of taking care of them.

Yet even during the first months of life with baby, it’s important to nurture your marriage. The stronger your bond is with your mate, the more secure and happy your baby will be. Dates don’t have to be elaborate, expensive or even outside of your own home. New parents have to be creative about spending quality time together, even if it is just for a few moments.

Here are ten free or almost free ideas to choose from:

1. Look through old photos from your dating days. Reminisce about your first date. What were you wearing? Where did you go? What was your first impression?

2. Share a scoop of ice cream together. Use one bowl and two spoons. Talk about the highlight and low light of your day.

3. Cuddle up and have a movie night for mom (chick flick). The next week, have a movie night for dad (action, drama or comedy).

4. List 5 things you love about your spouse. Exchange lists over a glass of sparkling cider.

5. Get a baby sitter and walk around the park hand in hand without the stroller. Kiss at the swings.

6. Heat up some massage oil and give your spouse a massage.

7. Have a candlelight dinner in your home or backyard.

8. Go to a coffee shop together. Talk about how you can meet one another’s needs better.

9. Take a hot bubble bath.

10. After the kids are asleep, take a blanket out to the backyard. Lie down and watch the stars together.

As you can see, you don’t need a lot of time or money to date your mate. Any of these things can be done even with a new baby. You just have to be intentional about planning special moments together. Don’t exchange romance for a diaper bag when you can have both. Just look your husband in the eye, hold hands, shut out the rest of the world from time to timeArticle Submission, and date.

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