Out here at our compound you don’t have to travel to have an adventure. Now that winter is upon us, I spent the afternoon going through photo’s and video’s and found these from earlier this spring. Rudy and I had just recently retired after 30 years in the jewelry business. I was on the phone with a customer and she remarked that I must be bored. I looked out the back door and told her “Not in the least, right now I have 2 bucks out in my garden checking out the clover”. I quickly finished with the phone call and Rudy and I went out with cameras in hand to take videos and pictures. The bucks were not concerned with us at all and continued eating leaves and flowers from our apple tree and raspberries. Luckily they didn’t do a lot of damage, mainly just some pruning. They returned 2 to 3 times a week over the summer and got so used to Rudy and I that at times we were within 10 feet of them, herding them away from our raspberries to our back field and out of trouble. When they realized we meant them no harm, they just kept coming back for more goodies. Now that winter is approaching and the weather changed, their visits have ended. I find myself looking forward to spring and seeing old friends again.

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