There is an abundance of
attractions and activities in Dartmouth. Your holiday itinerary will depend a
lot on your interests and your idea of how you want your vacation to be.  If you want adventure, there are several
activities in Dartmouth that are action-filled and exciting. If you want your
vacation to be a time to relax and bond with your family, there are several
activities and attractions that are designed to do so.

But whatever your interests
and personality are or what kind of itinerary you have planned during your
Dartmouth holiday, you must stay at the popular Dartmouth
holiday cottages
. These Dartmouth holiday cottages are the best
accommodations that you can have in Dartmouth. Guests who opt to stay at the
luxurious Dartmouth holiday cottages have nothing but praises for both the
holiday cottages and their vacation as a whole. The spacious Dartmouth holiday
cottages provide you with all the necessary amenities, excellent service and
warm ambiance that make it the best place to stay in.  They are also near the popular attractions
and activities you must visit during your holidays.  Here are some of the recommended activities.

Hiking at Dartmoor National Park

This is
one place that you must visit if you are looking for unique and challenging
activities as there are many available here. You get the chance to hike up to
621 meters above sea level which is the highest point that you can reach in
Dartmoor National Park. You may also explore the wide moorland where you can
get the chance to see a lot of wildlife. There are also many opportunities to
meet other people who also love to hike the same as you. The Dartmoor National
Park is one place you must visit during your holidays.

The Torquay Golf Club

If you are looking forward to playing golf
during your holidays in DartmouthFree Reprint Articles, you can go to the Torquay Golf Club. This
golf club is frequented by the popular English golf professionals. It is a
short drive away from your holiday cottages. The club is the
most elite golf club in the place and has well-maintained golf courses. It is a
little more expensive compared to others considering its stature but you can
get high quality service while you are playing at this golf course. The golf
course gives you an amazing view of the Lyme Bay on the east and Dartmoor on
the west. You can play golf here during the months of May to August only.  It would be best to call for reservations
especially if you are not a member of the club and do not have exclusive
privileges to utilize the facilities of the golf club. Being on a holiday
does not mean you cannot indulge in your favorite sports especially when you
are staying at the luxurious Dartmouth holiday cottages.

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