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10 Best Motion Duck Decoy Reviews with Buying Guide

It is the hunting season in most countries, and with that comes the rush of buying decoys for your hunting adventure. But if you are new to all these, it can be difficult to tell which one is better than the other, let alone buy the right number of decoys.

Hunting requires strategy, and when you are hunting alert creatures such as birds like ducks and geese, you need to look for the best motion duck decoy. Obviously, your own skill and experience do matter, but to start off, you can't just go with any decoys.

For that, we have taken it to ourselves to review some of the most popular duck decoys used by hunters. And in addition to that, our buying guide will tell you all you need to understand about these decoys before buying.

10 Best Motion Duck Decoy Reviews

Down below, we have reviewed ten motion duck decoys. It includes different types and varieties for different spreads, so hopefully, you will find one to your preference.

1. Mojo Outdoors Voodoo Dove Decoy - Motion Dove Decoy for Hunting

mojo outdoors voodoo dove decoy

If you are looking for a realistic dove or duck decoy that actually works and brings in doves, then this is it! Their improved motorized design is a revolution among the other bird hunting decoys.

This new updated version offers a larger body that helps to draw attention more effectively. Along with that, they have also improved and corrected the landing position of the duck decoy.

The body of the device has a breast peg along with a steel support pole construction. So, no matter the weather condition, it can do its job properly and maintain stability. It also adds durability, which will improve its longevity.

Moreover, it uses four AA batteries that can run up to 16 hours. This makes it convenient if you are planning to spend the entire day hunting as you don’t have to carry extra batteries with you or worry about the device running out of battery mid-hunting.

To make things more convenient, it arrives completely assembled, and you don't have to go through any manual to set it up. The mechanism is also simple and user-friendly.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a realistic motorized design.
  • Offers a 16 hours battery life for a full day hunting.
  • Arrives completely assembled and ready to use.
  • Tough and durable construction.
  • Simple and user-friendly mechanism.

2. Higdon Outdoors Pulsator XS Mallard Drake Splashing Motion Duck Decoy

higdon motion duck decoys

While other duck decoys may require wind and other weather conditions to work properly, this one doesn’t come with such conditions. The decoy cord is all you need for it to create water motion for hours.

It has a one-piece design, which makes it easy to set-up. The only step necessary is for you to plug it to charge, and you are ready to start hunting. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery can easily provide up to 7 hours of non-stop splashing.

Alongside that, there is a built-in timer, so you can tell when the battery is about to run out. But not only that, it has a slot for a second internal battery as well to increase the total run time to 14 hours!

The batteries, each, take about 3 hours to charge fully. Moreover, thanks to the included attachments, you get the option to charge the batteries either inside or outside the system.

Lastly, it has a foam-filled construction for making the system bulletproof. The low gloss and high contrast paint scheme provide easy visibility along with making it extremely realistic.

Highlighted Features

  • One-piece design makes it easy to set-up.
  • Provides up to 7 hours of non-stop splashing.
  • Secondary battery slotcan increase the total runtime to 14 hours.
  • Offers the option to charge the batteries either inside or outside the systemBulletproof foam-filled construction.
  • Extremely realistic and easily visible design.

3. Lucky Duck – Spinning Wing Decoys

spinning wing decoys

These top motion duck decoys, with their subtlety and simple construction, are the perfect tool for critter deception. Whether it is a predator or a migratory bird, their performance is exactly what you need.

It uses EVA plastic for the construction of the duck body, which is much more durable than other plastics. They are much more resistant to cracks and chipping of the paint, so your decoy can hold on for years.

As for mobility, it utilizes a bungee system that secures itself onto the chest mounts on the duck decoy. This helps in easy and hassle-free constant movement as well as prevents it from rattling.

Its spinning wings have magnetic corrugation that improves the performance and makes the wings look more realistic while spinning. These are the not best mallard decoys for nothing, as the package also comes with two 3-piece stakes that are 42 inches tall for visibility.

Moreover, the four AA batteries it runs on can hold up to around 12 to 14 hours. So that means you can hunt the entire day worry-free. You will be getting one hen decoy and one mallard drake decoy, both of which have a very detailed and realistic design.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses durable and tough EVA plastic for construction.
  • Resistant to paint chipping and cracks.
  • Utilizes bungees for easy and hassle-free mobility.
  • Batteries can help it run for around 12 to 14 hours.
  • Chest mounts provide stability and prevent rattling.

4. MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Floater Mallard - Motion Duck Decoys

mojo motion duck decoys

The floater series from the brand is one of the most popular products in their spinning wing decoys line. One of its key features is the lack of a support pole, which makes the device seem as realistic as possible when working.

Besides that, it also deploys easily in deep water bodies. The floater does a great job floating, turning, and sometimes even dancing in a realistic way on the surface of the water.

Moreover, being the best motion decoys among others, it is much quieter and faster than other such decoys on the market. This is mainly because of the threaded design that uses an 11-inch-long stabilizing bar. It adds about 14 ounces of lead weight to the floater.

This provides better stability compared to the lightweight floater without the bar. Not only that, but it will also ensure it can maintain stability during rain, strong wind, or any rougher water situations, making them the best decoys for duck hunting.

It operates using the usual four AA batteries that will last you the entire day while hunting. Plus, the snap-in battery housing makes it convenient to switch or change batteries if needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Much quieter and faster than other such decoys on the market.
  • Lack of a support pole creates a much more realistic movement.
  • Uses an 11-inch-long stabilizing bar for balance and stability in any condition.
  • Can deploy easily in deep water bodies.
  • Offers a snap-in battery housing for easy and convenient battery charging.

5. Higdon Outdoors XS Crazy Kicker Decoy (with Timer)

higdon outdoors kicker decoy

This is another model in our motion duck decoy reviews from the brand’s XS series, offering another great decoy for you to try out. This one features a fully integrated and compact design with providing the same great performance.

Now, you may be wondering, why is it called the “crazy kicker”? It is because of the unmissable bright orange duck feet that spray water, giving the look of an actual duck splashing.

The great thing about this decoy is that it works even on shallow water bodies. It works just as well on water bodies as shallow as 3 inches. On the other hand, it can maintain stability on even the deepest water thanks to the anti-flip stabilizing weight.

You can fully utilize it during duck season by placing it on any small puddle to deep lakes, flooded rice fields, backwater, flooded cornfields, flooded timber, etc. It is the best motion duck decoy for all your water decoy spreads.

Moreover, it has a handy timer that manages to create a sequence of feeding motion that will surely attract those waterfowls. The device itself is also very easy to use and maintain.

Highlighted Features

  • Works well on water bodies as shallow as 3 inches.
  • Maintains stability on the deepest water using the anti-flip stabilizing weight.
  • Suitable for any water decoy spread.
  • Offers a handy timer to create a sequence of feeding motions.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

6. Avianx Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy

avian wood duck floater decoy

Among the others we reviewed in our best motion duck decoy reviews, it is a true work of art. These handcrafted wooden duck decoys have gone through hours of research, photographing, and then carving to reach this level of highly realistic decoys.

Through their craftsmanship, they have not only captured their posture and grace while resting on backwaters but also the personality as well. A pack consists of six duck decoys; this includes two low head drakes, two high head drakes, and two low head hens.

They implement the 80/20 generation. So, these six ducks will cover just 20 percent of the hunters, and the rest 80 percent will be for harvest to ensure a good and successful hunt every time.

No matter the weather and season, these premium wood decoys are tough enough to stand through it all. Even on the toughest hunting days, when the rest tend to skip and stay home, they will not disappoint you and provide a great performance.

These waterfowl decoys, having a measurement of 12.5 inches from the breast to the tail, are oversized by a little bit. Besides that, the non-chip paint ensures durability, and the added weight replicates the natural movements of a duck.

Highlighted Features

  • Implements the 80/20 generation for a successful hunt.
  • Oversized, measuring 12.5 inches from the breast to the tail.
  • Boasts a non-chip paint for added durability.
  • Performs well even on the toughest hunt days.
  • Offers six hand-carved and highly realistic wooden decoys.

7. MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Duck Hunting Motion Decoy (New)

mojo outdoors duck hunting decoy

Motion decoys duck hunting with a support pole is notorious for wobbling or being unstable, which can defeat the purpose of the device. As a serious hunter, you want to make sure the decoy has no flaws.

And with that in mind, these new motion duck decoys’ simple yet innovative design is just what you need. They have been engineered specifically in a way how motorized vehicles work; that is, each of the components is arranged in a structural way.

The working components all have been installed into a single solid structure that attaches itself to the support pole. So, when you place the decoy body, it will perform smoothly without any rattling noises or wobbles.

That means it is also much quieter. These teal decoy bodies have realistic blue wings and a green wing version. The feathers with a true-to-life detail further add to the ultra-realistic look.

Furthermore, the wings use an on and off easy magnetic-attach system, so you don't have to go through the hassle of doing any set-up. You can easily remove the entire housing from the body, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Highlighted Features

  • Innovatively engineered to prevent any wobbling.
  • Quiet and doesn’t make rattling noises.
  • Offers two true-to-life different colored version wings.
  • Easy to set-up and remove.

8. AvianX Top Flight Duck Open Water Mallard Decoy

avian x top flight duck decoys

If you are looking for the most realistic set of duck decoy ever, then you got to check this one out! Their super detailed design makes it seem real, even close up.

The pack comes with six mature mallards' replication, with four of them having true-to-life and different swimming postures. They also have added weight to their front for the swim to look as natural and real as possible.

Moreover, since it uses special no-flake paint for the finish, you won't be seeing any paint chipping off on this one. Thanks to this, you can use them for a long time with their same realistic design and detail.

Apart from standing the test of time, they also can withstand open water conditions that can be brutal and can easily destroy the set up. In fact, they are specially designed for open waters.

Even though they have a weighted front, they are quite lightweight, so the wind will do the work of moving these decoys to make them look realistic and life-like. Plus, thanks to the added weight, they won't get easily toppled over by the wind.

Highlighted Features

  • The most realistic looking set of decoys ever.
  • Uses special no-flake paint for the finish to prevent chipping.
  • Can withstand harsh open water conditions.
  • Lightweight with a weighted front to replicate natural movements.

9. Higdon Outdoors XS Battleship Swimmer Decoy

higdon outdoors swimmer decoy

With providing the most realistic swimming motion, these are the best duck decoys to add to your decoy spread for some natural ripple. It runs on batteries and has a timer to use the decoys more efficiently.

The 12-volt lithium-ion battery powers the device, and using the timer, you can set it to work at intervals. This is more convenient as you don't have to run the battery continuously, saving battery life for when it is most necessary.

Moreover, since the battery slot is built-in inside the decoy's body, there is no battery box or external bulk to carry around. Not only that, but it also lessens the weight of the body, which helps in creating a smoother movement.

Setting it up also takes only a couple of minutes. You just have to attach the decoy cord to the decoy and add some weight if necessary. Yes, that is all you have to do!

Coming to the added weight, it is to make sure it can balance itself on the surface of the water and keep swimming at the same time. You can use it on at least one-foot-deep shallow water.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a timer to set it to work at intervals.
  • Built-in battery slot reduces the decoy’s overall weight.
  • Easy and fast set-up process.
  • Suitable to use on at least one-foot-deep shallow water.

10. Flambeau Outdoors 1812DPK Masters Series Mallard Decoys

flambeau outdoors duck decoys

These mallard decoys are inspired by the paint scheme of Master Carver Roger Desjardins' detailed winter plumage carvings. They use a patented and unique UVision paint technology.

The way it works is that the paint can reflect the exact same ultraviolet signature on real waterfowls' plumage. This way, the ducks will recognize the decoys to be the same as them, making it, without a doubt, scientifically the most convincing decoys to date.

Besides that, the keels have been filled with sand, which along with its heightened feature, helps to add more realism to the overall look of the decoy. These high-quality, durable decoys will last you season after season.

Along with that, their striking replication of a classic mallard posture floating on water checks all the boxes for the ultimate duck decoy there is. You can spend your money on them, knowing you will get only the best performance a hunter could ask for.

A single pack consists of 12 mallard duck decoys, 6 of them being drakes and the rest 6 being hens. Each of them is 14 inches in full size.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses UVision paint technology that creates the same ultraviolet signature present on live ducks.
  • The most scientifically realistic decoys out there.
  • Boasts a heightened feature to add more realism to the overall look.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 mallard ducks.
  • Replicates the posture of a classic mallard floating on water.

Motion Duck Decoys Buying Guide

There are a few things you need to consider before you make your mind on buying a certain duck decoy. So, read ahead if you want to get your money’s worth.

The Types

First, you need to understand the different types of decoys and how hunters use them. Technically, there are four types of duck decoys that are most popular in the market. These are the ripplers, flyers, feeders, and field decoys.


Rippler or floater duck decoys imitate the ripple in the water when live ducks swim. Along with that, they also imitate the feeding pose of duck. They are full-bodied duck decoys and work way longer than most other types.


These flyers decoys are more popular among hunters due to their effectiveness and affordable options. You can find two kinds of flyers: motorized and non-motorized. And if you want cheap motion duck decoys, then the non-motorized ones are the cheapest in the market.

The decoy body of this kind stabilizes itself onto a pole as it stays above the surface of the water, replicating the motion of a duck flying down. It has two wings that depend on wind to create motion or uses motors (for motorized) to create the visual of flapping wings.


Now, the feeder decoys don't have a full-body, only the lower half; hence, they are also called "duck butts" sometimes. These replicate a duck eating aquatic vegetation by titling and submerging its head in the water. There are ones that use waves and wind for the constant feeding motion, and others use a motor per usual.

Field Decoys

These decoys are for hunting outside the water. They are simple decoys that could replicate different postures and poses of a duck on land, so you can place them at different places to attract live ducks.

You usually need a lot of decoys for an effective spread, which causes the issue of storing that many decoys. Other than that, these decoys are not so realistic looking compared to the others and also relatively cheap.


Understandably, size is an important factor when it comes to decoys, and you may think the more realistic and accurate the size is to the real animals, the better. However, that is not the case.

Hunters have found that larger size, even three or four times the size, not only makes it easier for ducks to spot them but also, they are unfazed by the size of these decoys even after coming closer to them.


This aspect plays a great role in how smoothly your decoy will move in the water. If it is too heavy, it may sink lower than normal, which can slow down its movements or motion. On the other hand, there is also the factor about water depths.

If your duck decoys are on the heavier side, they can’t work in shallow waters. Again, too lightweight decoys are prone to get flipped or can be unstable because of the wind. A good decoy is one that has a weighted front where you can add or remove weight if necessary.

Construction and Quality

If you are a serious hunter or a seasonal hunter, quality is something you should inspect before buying your decoys. The general recommendation is to get decoys that have anti-chipping paint on them.

Whether you are using it on water or land, it is more common for the paint to start chipping off than other damages. And a paint-chipped duck decoy is less convincing, which can affect your hunting.

For construction, a lightweight body works better, and the most popular ones are foam filled, which allows you to add weight to the anchor to maintain stability.

Lastly, the realistic the construction is, the most effective it will be, especially for spreads on water. However, that doesn't mean you have to get an expensive realistic decoy for hunting.

Battery Life

While hunting for a long time, you can consider two options: bring a stack of replacement batteries or don't require bringing replacement batteries. If you prefer the latter, then consider decoys that can last you an entire day on one set of batteries.

These ones typically last for at least 15 hours, so you can hunt without interruption or missing any opportunity. They are the most popular among serious hunters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get motion in my decoys?

For decoys without motors, they rely on wind for motion. But without a proper set-up, it won't be as effective. If you are using a feeder on medium shallow water and the pole doesn't reach the bottom without sinking, you can use a PVC pipe and place the pole through it to create the best motion duck decoys set-up.

Likewise, you need to add or reduce weight from your decoy body to get natural motion by wind and or waves.

2. Can you put goose decoys with duck decoys?

Yes, goose decoys can very well attract ducks, so they are safe to use with a proper set-up. However, don't expect geese to appear in your duck decoy spread.

3. Do spinning wing decoys work?

While there are some complaints about them not working and ruining the spread, they do, in fact, work. In a good setting or environment, these can attract a lot of ducks to fly down to your spread. But they don't always work for geese.

4. What is the best duck decoy?

Among the duck decoy brands, Lucky Duck and Higdon produce some of the best and most commonly used duck decoys. MOJO is another brand that produces such high quality and innovative duck decoys.

5. How many duck decoys do I need?

Typically, on smaller scale water, you can create a spread of up to 40 decoys at best. On the other hand, for larger water, it is up to you. The more, the better, but it is also important to make sure the spread looks natural as well.

Final Words

Hunting season or not, the best motion duck decoy can make any spread a successful one. So, if you want to start hunting this season, get yourself one of these duck decoys for a great new start.

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