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Best Leather For Knife Sheath in 2022 [Safely Hold Scabbard]

Whenever you look at your daily task from the kitchen to outside, you will find cutting vegetables, fishes or other items as one of the most critical jobs.

In this regard, having a reliable knife could be a great relief in our everyday life because it helps to perform our cutting job nicely. But the question, when we talk about carrying or storing a knife safely, what would be the perfect way.

According to the research, to facilitate knife-carrying, knife sheath could be the right choice. You may find knife sheath made from different materials. Among them, the leather-made knife sheath is our favorite.

So, what is the best leather for knife sheath? To make a outstanding knife sheath, you should choose heavy, thick, russet, or vegetable-tanned leather. The average thickness of a top quality leather for a knife sheath would be 5-6 oz.

You may find lots of leather options for your knife sheath from different brands. However, to narrow down your search, we come up with a list of leather for knife sheath. Let’s dive into the details.

6 crucial facts I consider while picking the shortlisted leather for sheath:

best Leather For Knife Sheath buying guide


If you have a limited budget, you can pick chrome-tanned leather. On the other hand, if you have an unlimited budget and keep quality and durability as your top priority, vegetable-tanned sheath could be the best option.

Style or colors

If you want the classic natural style, you have better choose vegetable-tanned leather. On the other hand, chrome-tanned leather offers many color that let you choose your desire one easily.

Type of leather

If you want to keep your aggressive knife in a thicker sheath, vegetable-tanned leather could be a great option because it will offer durability and thickness. 

Interestingly, the vegetable-tanned sheath won’t liable to cause corrosion to the knife. The vegetable-tanned leather-made sheath requires a little more care and maintenance.

On the other hand, chrome-tanned leather sheath offers waterproof features and popular leather to make the knife sheath. 

Making process

If you like to DIY or enjoy leather-related projects, you can make the knife sheath yourself. You can try chrome-tanned leather because it won’t take much time to finish the making process. Interestingly, you will find that 90% leather for making a knife sheath comes from this category which makes it the best place to buy leather for the knife sheath.


Good quality leather is better selected based on the weight per square foot; for instance, the weight of 4 to 5 ounce mean per square foot would be 5 ounces. A rule of thumb indicates 8-ounce leather offers 1/8 inches thick. However, you can also choose 6-7ounces which also work just fine because the slightly thinner leather can stitch or rivet easily.


The last point that demands attention is the scratches protection and the finishes, especially on edge. When you are looking for the sheaths, you have a better look at the snap cover, which helps your sheath to protect from being scratches. Another seeking point is the excellent quality sheath offers a smooth finish.

Top 5 Best Leather for Knife Sheath Kit (What I Found)

Here is our top review on favorite typical weight/type leather for knife sheath to keep your weapon safe.

But if you are in a hurry, here is a quick gist of our findings by the quick comparison Table of the 5 leading knife sheath leather.

Knife Sheaths



Special features

Leather Knife Sheath, Slanted Pancake Sheath

One (Brown)

Ideal for 4 1/8" size folding knife

The USA made

Hide & Drink, Thick Leather Mora Knife Sheath w/Belt Loop

One (Dark Brown)

Offered size 2.5 x 0.13 x 7.75 inches

101 Year Warranty

Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath Cross Draw Knife Sheath

One (Natural Leather)

Length is 5.5" and the total width is 6.5

Ideal as a gift item

Gentlestache Leather Pocket Knife Sheaths

Three (Black, Brown and dark brown)

Offered size is 6.7" x 2.5"

Perfect fit for any standard size belt.

Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath

Two (Black and Natural leather)

Length is 9" and the total width is 2.75"

Having loop snaps for securely carry.

#1 Leather Knife Sheath- Best for good craftsmanship

Leather Knife Sheath, Slanted Pancake Sheath

If you are looking for a comfortable and safe way to carry a knife, the Top Hand Gear-made leather knife sheath would be the perfect option.

I find it good to trap a 4 1/8” size folding knife. The wrist carries also seem good to me because here, a standard 1 1/2” belt is enough to slide easily.

One point makes me a little bit worried like when it arrived, it looks pretty tight. Luckily, I found a solution: place this leather sheath into lukewarm water for a few minutes before inserting a knife. The warm water will help to enlarge the opening of this knife sheath. Later on, let the sheath dry and use boot oil to condition the leather, Perfect for scabbard.

So, what's a scabbard? It's also kinda sheath which uses for holding a knife or any other weapon's large blade.

The seller didn’t show both side pictures; hence anyone perceives it only allows one side to carry. But the real fact is this knife sheath has the option to carry tools on both sides. I hope the seller considers this. Other than that, this expensive American-made product hopefully serves well.

Now, I show you which sides seem good and bad to me

What makes it different from the rest of the others?

Good construction: The used leather seems heavy leather and also thick. The edge of this sheath looks to me nicely finished. 

Standard belt: The manufacturer says a standard 1 1/2” belt is enough to slide, and I also find it comfortable on the belt. At first, I found the knife fitting is tight, but later the sheath loosened up and fixed that issue. I hope, after having this one, you don’t need to be worried about falling out.

Well design: The brown look and the stylish design hopefully make it a perfect match in anyone’s belt. Notable, I tooling seems to me handmade, I hope it will attract you.

My complaints about this knife sheath.....

  • This knife sheath seems very tight at first, but the lukewarm water application hopefully helps you overcome that issue.
  • Another disliking is that the belt loops aren’t big enough to make the slide on and off a little bit difficult.

#2. Hide & Drink, Thick Leather Mora Knife Sheath Loop- The best bang for the bucks

Hide & Drink, Thick Leather Mora Knife Sheath

The next knife sheath that I picked is Hide & Drink made Mora knife Sheath. The design and construction seem perfect to keep safe from getting dull or dinged up while working.

Apart from the main product, there lies an additional 8x10 inches drawstring bag, hopeful a nice extra for anyone.

The knife sheath has enough room to carry a spare pen along with a knife. The sheath may seem flat at first, don’t need to worry because the solution is easy- all you need to soak in water and then wet forming properly.

After that, you need to do some clamps to tighten up around the blade. After finishing that process, you have to let it dry properly.

Moreover, you may find the sheath’s belt strap is riveted on permanently. You can get a carbineer or detachable accessory strap or clip for quick attaching or detaching as the solution.

Many users showed their fear of cutting the stitching with the blade, but I find no such issue. I find the rivets inside the stitch line; therefore, the blade will ride along with them and keep the stitches safe.

What makes it different from rest of the others?

Sturdy construction: This handmade knife sheath is made of durable thick, full-grain leather, which makes it durable. The manufacture gives 101 years of warranty hopefully; serve well in adventures and camping trip. Moreover, the stitching seems good, and the rivets are smooth.

Doesn’t twist or flop around: This knife sheath comes with nice and sturdy; therefore, it doesn’t twist or flop around. Once the knife is inserted, I find it won’t fall out even though I shake vigorously. 

stylish: The design is simple and resembles a knife. Plus, the colour is natural leather.

My complaints about this knife sheath.....

  • This knife sheath doesn’t come with the plastic protective liner that may create problems for the large blade.
  • The belt loop can be extended up to 2 ½ inches that may seem a bit too large.
  • Due to the dark brown color, the H&D logo can’t identify easily. 

#3. Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath Cross Draw Knife Sheath- Best item as a gift

Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath Cross Draw Knife Sheath

If you want to carry your large knife (approx 5 inches) safely, this Ottoza homemade leather knife sheath would be a great option. Don’t judge by the display picture, and this knife sheath seems better than the picture.

One point that looks nice is that the design is great for a knife holder than EDC or pocket knife sheath. It offers a belt hole size is 1.75, hopefully perfect for a tight fit.

The length also seems reasonable than the previous two. This one offer 5.5 inches, and the width is 6.5 inches. The manufacturer says the 5-inch-long folding knife fits perfectly into this sheath.

I find an issue while inserted it into the sheath, and luckily the problem solves out by molding it to the knife. Moreover, if the leather seems highly stiff, you can use a screwdriver to open it.

Another issue is that the belts' slots were cut pretty crappy, don’t worry, choosing an exact knife can make them look better.

Interestingly, I find a way to waterproof this knife sheath. For that, you need to put a drop of super glue on where you find stitching of the sheath. The superglue will strengthen the leather and stitching and keep waterproof for a long time.

The logo is attached to facilitate the left side carry. Don’t worry, and you can use for both ways carry using little wax or snow seal.

What makes it different from rest of the others?

The touch of legendary craftmenship: The leather quality seems premium and here, use hard cow or buffalo hide leather. Plus, the original and thick leather are sanded and smoothed on the sheath’s sides that give it a premium look. Moreover, the stitching seems solid, and the thread is wide and nice. 

Won’t fall out easily: The design of this knife sheath is the cross draw that makes it perfectly worn on the side of the belt. I find the knife stays strong and won’t fall out when it leans out. Moreover, the cross-draw style offers more amenities than other styles.

My complaints about this knife sheath.....

  • The stitching on the sheath’s back seems a little sloppy.
  • The logo can’t easily notice due to the dark brown color.

#4. Gentlestache Leather Pocket Knife Sheaths To Keep The Dagger Securely

Gentlestache Leather Pocket Knife Sheaths for Belt

Now, I introduced you to another finest leather pocket knife sheath that offers quick access and easy storing of your pocket knife. I find the design is really awesome that allows easily slide in and draw out.

If you owned a licensed EDC knife, this knife sheath would be a perfect match.

The size is 6.7 x 2.5 inches, and the weight is 0.15Ib, hopefully, the ideal size for storing any small size knife.

Another blissful point is that the design will perfectly fit with the standard size belts, which are 1.5 inches wide.

Plus, the design is a stylish and curved shape that will facilitate this sheath to sit tightly on the belt. I find the knife sit horizontally while attaching with the belt. If it doesn’t seem sung enough after using several weeks, then I will suggest you add a copper rivet under the front edge; therefore, it fits perfectly.

What makes it different from rest of the others?

Made with Quality Leather: The manufacturer claim that used leather is 100% natural where the thickness is 4mm. I also find it almost true like the leather on the texture seems to be a high grade. The looking is good simultaneously the touching.

Moreover, due to the construction of that quality leather, hopefully, it will serve a good time. If any scratch fall accidentally, you don’t need to worry because it will vanish quickly.

Simple yet elegant design: The weight seems to me light, and the design is perfect for storing a knife easily. Also, the looking is simple and classic; hopefully, you can use it as a nice gift. Moreover, the design makes this knife sheath perfectly fit with a standard belt size.

After wearing, the knife will sit horizontally and won’t interfere the walking and sitting. Additionally, the offered design is one side cut out, which enables the user to remove the knife quickly.

My complaints about this knife sheath.....

  • I think the stitching isn’t well-built; it seems to be sewed by hand.

#5. Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath- Nice quality for the price

Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath

Our last best leather for knife sheath on this list is Ottoza made leather knife sheath, which offers excellent quality at that price. The design allows wearing on the back of the belt-like scout carry. Plus, I find a handle strap that keeps the knife in place without facing little or no movement.

Notably, I have no clear idea of the belt mounting system but, the design seems to provide excellent protection.

Another point is that the display picture implies that the handle strap allows routing two different ways without changing the retention of the blade.

The manufacturer stated that this knife sheath offers 9 inches in length and 2.75 inches in width. Plus, it is designed to offer the best fit for max 6.25 inches long and max 1.75 inch wide blades. Also, you can use the blade size that lies between 4.50 inch and 6.25 inch.

I find two colors where the dark seems to be the normal and less tactical look. The display image indicates that the handle strap allows the user to be routed in two different ways.

What makes it different from rest of the others

Premium quality Material: This knife sheath is made of premium quality hard cow or buffalo-hide leather. Plus, the side seams are sanded and smoothed with handcrafted original and thick leather. I also find the leather is much strong and thick. The stitching seems to be strong, and hopefully, it will last a long time. 

User-friendly mechanism: The handle strap will help the user to keep the knife sheath in place without much movement. Plus, the dual snaps help to hold different size handles. The size allows fitting the knife sheath perfectly without exposing the sharp edge and any wiggle or rattle.

Another point that seems good is that the handguard perfectly fits the snapped strap and allows easy snap on/off.

My complaints about this knife sheath....

  • The snap tabs seem to me metal-backed, which is similar to thumb breaks on leather holsters.
  • The manufacturer adds no rivets to protect ends.

Types of leather knife sheaths

best Leather For Knife Sheath buying guide

Before jumping into the main process of buying leather for a knife sheath, I want you to know four basic types of leather knife sheaths for carrying:

  • Vertical,
  • Horizontal,
  • Canted and
  • Cross-draw.

Vertical sheaths

This type of leather knife sheath has a loop for the belt on the sheath’s back. Also, this knife sheath lets you hold on to it through a belt clip.

Canted Sheaths

The construction of canted sheaths is almost the same as the vertical sheaths, but a slight difference is positioned at an angle to the belt.

Notable, this type of knife sheath seems to occupy more belt space.


Cross-draw is almost similar to the canted sheaths, but its non-dominant hand side is weak. This knife sheath offers multiple amenities, like it allows to access the knife quickly and easily.


This sheath type is popular for regular and low-carry sheaths. You may see that the belt level and the regular sheath level are almost similar, but the low carry sheath seems to hang slightly lower. The horizontal sheaths type occupies the most space on the belt. Here typically attach belt loops of about 1 1/2”.

Note: Apart from those, you will find another specialized type named in-waist-band. This type is made for some special kind of knife.

How thick of leather for knife sheath?

Generally, the thickness of the leather is measured in ounces, where each ounce is similar to 0.4mm or 1/64 inches. To make that more specific, let’s see an example. If your leather’s weight is 4 ounces, the thickness will be approximately 4/64 inches or 1/16 inches. Typically, a single piece of leather comes in 2 to 3 oz or 2 mm to 2.4 mm and consider as best leather thickness for knife sheath.

People are seen using vegetable-tanned leather for making knife sheath because it offers good thickness.

When you go for making a leather knife sheath, we recommend two measurements depend on the knife length, such as:

  • If your knife is small in size (length approx. 3 to 4 inches), you can go with ⅞ ounce leather. On that, you have better keep the belt loops 8/9 ounces to ensure much durability.
  • If the knife is large, you have better choose 8/9 ounces all around.

Leather for knife sheath: Which One is good for?

  • You can choose leather for making a knife sheath because of the following reasons.
  • It will protect your knife nicely
  • You don’t need so much maintenance, and
  • It will serve you for many years.
  • More interestingly, the price is reasonable than other types of materials & best leather to use for knife sheath.

There are two widely used pieces of leather:

  • Vegetable-tanned leather and
  • Chrome-tanned leather.

1. Vegetable-tanned leather

One of the oldest methods to process leather is vegetable tanning. The processing system is a bit more complex where you need to use only natural resources. Notably, the processing time of the leather will last for up to two months to finish. Apart from time, here need to work many skilled people in different treatments over the leather.

But the hard work will pay nicely because the vegetable-tanned leather-made knife sheath will look beautiful, thick, and quality. Though the process is complex, we find only 10% of leathers go through this tanning process.

2. Chrome tanned leather

This tanning process is totally the opposite of the vegetable tanning process. Here don’t require expert hand, hard and long process; instead, it needs to be bathed in different chemicals. The tanning process may take up to two weeks, and the cost is less than the vegetable counterparts.

The chrome tanned leather made knife sheath become water-resistant and malleable pieces of leather. Plus, chrome tanning allows getting your desire color on the leather.

Final Thought

Hopefully, we let you know all you need to choose the best leather for knife sheath. Now, you can easily pick a durable, stylish leather-made knife sheath to carry your valuable tools.

Interestingly, if you want to present a leather knife sheath as a gift, you can choose Ottoza Handmade Leather Knife Sheath Cross Draw Knife Sheath.

Our other listed knife sheath is Hide & Drink, Thick Leather Mora Knife Sheath w/Belt Loop, hopefully, perfect for those who have a tight budget. So, what knife sheath you buy, let us know through the comment box.

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