You are currently viewing Best Half Chaps Reviews in 2022 [Excellent for Riders]

Best Half Chaps Reviews in 2022 [Excellent for Riders]

"Pick only the finest half chaps that emphasizes the quality and fitting"

That's the holy grail for every jokey.

Wondering why? Well, it provides support and protection to the jockey’s leg.

Whether you are tensed of rubbing or chafing, half chaps can help you go through all critical situations.

Nowadays, half chaps have become more attractive because of their fashion sense and comfort.

But why do riders wear half chaps? Riders like to have different varieties of half-chaps to suit different events. For an informal event, you can rely on the best half chaps for wide calves without having second thoughts.

The racecourse has different types of horses also different types of riders. The choice of half chaps varies between rider’s taste, comfort, and compatibility. Considering all the aspects, I choose some of the best picks on the marketer & later shortlisted it in 3 best of the best stuff for those who love racehorse.

Let’s have an in-depth look.

What is the difference between chaps and gaiters?

There are many differences between half chaps and gaiters though the functions are almost the same. Here are the main differences-

⦁ Half chaps have a zip on the backside of the leather that zips from top to bottom. On the contrary, gaiters have hidden zip that can’t be seen. It zips upwards from the bottom of the ankle.

⦁ Do half chaps zipper on the inside or outside? Half chaps include elastic bands at both sides for better fitting. It allows flexibility to the ankle and much comfortable to use. Whereas gaiters have narrow elastic panels that do not offer much flexibility

⦁ Most of the half chaps have a lower and flatter top line. But gaiters have higher Spanish cut topline

⦁ In summary, the purpose of wearing half chaps is comfort. On the other side, gaiters are worn for elegance.

What size half chaps do I need?

Every half chaps' brand in the market comes with different size patterns for half chaps' users - Cause, in this matter, fitting is a critical issue. Regardless of the brand, you need to determine what size half chaps you need.

To measure your perfect size for the half chaps, go through this process-

  • Firstly, put on the pant you like to wear with your half chaps
  • Sit in a chair and bend your knee at a 90-degree angle. Confirm your feet lies parallel on the floor
  • Ask for a helper to measure your calf size with a cloth tape
  • Measure the widest point of your leg with a tape
  • Match your calf measurement with the brand’s size chart for an accurate idea of what half chaps you need
  • Lastly, match it with your paddock boots and make sure it is comfortable to wear and helps to control the saddle.

Top 3 Best Half Chaps Reviews For Tacking The Wear And Tear Of Daily Riding

As I mentioned earlier, I picked some chaps; the actual number is 9. some of them were really cool in a particular section but failed to meet the standard of other sections. After testing, here is our top 3 shortlisted half chaps, which are built for pro jokey.

Before jumping into the elaborate review, here is the overview of 3 best half chaps short legs.

Half chaps



Special feature

Dublin Adults Half Chaps

Black and brown

9 different sizes Washing

Machine proof

Saxon Adult's Equi leather Chaps


From M to XL

a vegan product

TuffRider Grippy Grain Half Chaps

Black and brown

From s to xl


1. Dublin Adults Easy-Care Half Chaps for well fit

Dublin Adults Easy-Care Half Chaps II Black Small

Half chaps ensure support to your leg so that you don’t face any unnecessary events.

From a professional perspective, I think Dublin adult's easy care half chaps are more reliable than any other brand. Let’s have a detailed overview-


This new technology half chap comes with a piece of superior quality fabric. The chaps are made of synthetic suede, and you will find reinforced stitching all around.

The fabric provides elasticity to the chaps, which also ensures top-quality compression. Moreover, the strong stitching style forms a bone-like structure.

So, you will achieve the best fitting also supreme support.

Weather sensitivity:

These half chaps are specially made of light fabric. So, using it on warmer days will not cause any trouble. But you might find it a little uncomfortable in winter.

Extra feature:

Professionals suggest this product because of its terrific fit. This is caused by its side zip that goes from top to bottom and closures on the outside of the calf. It fastens correctly and adds an extra bit of security to your legs.


Horse riders appreciate these half chaps for their wide range of size variety. How do you wear half chaps?From children to adults, all can wear this half chap as it comes in 9 different sizes. Also, it matches every boot.


Unlike most of the half chaps, this product is machine washable. All you need to do is spray down with water and pop them into the machine.

Unfortunately, many riders blamed this half chap because of being too small. So, if you are a bit tall, then go for a larger size.

Also, the size seems quite inappropriate sometimes. We still recommend buying this pair. Overall, this will be a good investment of your money.

What I liked most:

  • The fabric and the stitches make the calf a good fit for every user.
  • Its durable structure helps it to sustain even in the washing machine.
  • The half chaps come in different sizes, so it attracts users more.
  • It provides security with its outside chain. The chain helps the calf fit perfectly with boots and the lower leg.

What I didn’t like at all:

  • The chaps are smaller in size, so users who have long legs might find it difficult to wear
  • Many users complained about the wrong size. So, you might have to return the product if it does not match your size.

2. Saxon. Adult's Equileather Half Chaps for outlook

Saxon. Adult's Equileather Half Chaps

Many horse riders prefer to have a pair of chaps that looks royal while riding. I guess to meet that requirement, Saxon introduced the Adult’s Equileather Half chaps in the market.

The leather structure and elegant design make it unique from any other calves. Let’s review the detailed description below-


The chaps provide a classic aura. It gives a vibe of a high-cut Spanish top. Also, you can choose between 2 colors.


The chaps are built of synthetic equileather that makes them very soft and grippy to hold. This feature makes it an excellent choice to give your length some support. Moreover, it includes leather lining. Zipper closure makes it a good fit for every customer.

Weather sensitivity:

One of the essential features is its waterproof body. The chaps remain intact even in OK underwater. You can use the product for the winter and rainy season


You need to be a bit careful while washing these half chaps. As a leather product, it requires extra care. It is not a washing machine safe. So, you have to hand washed it properly to get rid of dirt.


This product is suitable for adults. The size range does not include child size.

Additional feature:

This vegan product has an elastic band at the bottom end. A snap closure holds the chaps in place and does not let it ride up to the upper leg.

Let's be honest here........

Though it looks pretty cool, the fabric is not very good quality. Many users faced damage in the leather after few washes. The durability of the product is also questionable. You can feel uncomfortable because of the zipper issue.

But on the good side, it is pretty inexpensive. You can use it as an extra pair.

What I liked most:

  • Fabric: the synthetic fabric gives a leathery finish. That provides a classic look to the rider.
  • Structure: its elasticity and stitching strategy is unique to other brands in the market. It holds the lower leg securely in place.
  • Waterproof: This product has a waterproof feature that makes it a safe bet for any weather.
  • Price: for this outlook and features, the price of the product is pretty inexpensive.
  • Vegan: many customers like vegan products mostly. It is a good choice for those customers.

What I didn’t like at all:

  • The structure is less durable than expected and not sturdy enough.
  • It is a high-maintenance product. The customer needs to be more careful while washing.

3. TuffRider Grippy Grain Good Half Chaps for comfort

TuffRider Grippy Grain Half Chaps Large Black

Most of the horse riders struggle from lack of comfort while wearing half chaps. It hinders blood circulation on the body and locks the lower leg in one place.

Can relate?

But this tuffrider half chap provides ultimate comfort to your legs and supports your leg completely. Let’s have a closer look at its features-


For comfort, we prefer breathable fabrics. Tuffrider ensures this comfort with its synthetic suede fabric. It prevents your leg from being sweaty and allows air to go through. Moreover, this pair offers a top Spanish profile. In summary, it is a comfy and fashionable pair of half chaps.


The half chaps have a unique structure than other ordinary half chaps in the market. It includes top-grain leather that provides flexibility and offers better fitness. You will find a knee patch inside of the chaps that provides support and security to the knee.

Your knee is secure from any external injury. Also, a side zipper goes from top to bottom that holds the legs safely in place. An elastic panel ensures even better fitness.

Size and color:

For different body shape, this half chap comes in different sizes also. The size range varies from S to XL. Also, you can choose your desired color from 2 different varieties.

But customers find problems with its sizing and measurement. Also, the color seems a little inappropriate in comparison to the featured photo.

However, it does not compromise with its comfort. So, paying off the shelf price and getting the feel of custom-made chaps is incredible indeed.

What I liked most:

  • Low maintenance- it is easily washable even in a washing machine. So you don’t have to worry about fabric damage.
  • Security- the top to bottom zipper adds security to the lower part of the leg. Also, there is a knee patch to give safety
  • Waterproof- the synthetic suede fabric gives comfort. Also, it resists water to enter the body
  • Inexpensive- the price is comparatively low to its outlook. It looks like a custom made half chaps but costs only shelf price
  • Elasticity- the chaps include elastic fabric that fits into any size of leg easily

What I didn’t like at all:

  • Sometimes the shown color and the received color are not the same.
  • Not a very wide range of sizes. Also, the sizes are inaccurate, often.

Do half chaps zipper on the inside or outside?

For better support and security, a lot of half chaps come with a zipper.

And that's for a good reason for sure.

The zipper holds the leg and supports it. It fastens from top to bottom around your lower leg.

You will find a zipper or velcro closure that is placed on the backside of the riding half chaps. Make sure it runs up and down smoothly. Are half chaps necessary? Sometimes, it is placed on the outside of the boot that runs from the ankle bone to the knee.

But first warning.........

Always purchase a half chap that includes a zipper on the outside. Make sure it closes outside of the calves. The insider zipper will be uncomfortable to wear and use for both the rider and the horse. Also, wear a boot that can behold together with the zipper. So that everything remains in the right place.

What is the point of half chaps?

If you are finding an alternative for tall boots then half chaps is your best option.


Half chaps are a cover worn around calves for support and security. It is a leg piece that holds paddock boots in position.

Many horse riders use half chaps for informal events.

Half chaps help to prevent rubs of leathers and to have more grips on the saddle. So, it makes a great alternative for long boots.

You can wear it quickly because of its elastic band. Also, there is a zipper that goes top to bottom for added safety.

The key point of wearing half chaps or short chaps is its affordable price and suitable size. Pair of chaps provide the same look as tall boots but costs a lot less.

Also, its elasticity makes it a perfect size for every calf. Many riders cannot wear tall boots because of not having standard size. Half chaps are a lifesaver for them.

4 must-have facts to look for while buying the half chaps

best half chaps buying guide

The popularity of half-chaps is skyrocketing. But it’s not cheap at all. So, if you don’t want to spend any extra dollar, you need to buy a perfect pair of half chaps that fits accurately. Some things need to be considered while buying the half chaps.


Measuring your perfect size before purchasing is the most important task. Follow our expert guide to measure your calve size and match it to the brand’s size chart for ordering the perfect size.

Make sure your paddock boot suits perfectly with the half chaps. Wear your pair of chaps over pants. So that the size comes accurately.


There are varieties in the fabric between half-chap brands. Some come up with suede leather or synthetic fiber; some have elasticity in mind. But make sure you purchase a pair that includes an elastic panel or bond.

Make sure the fabric is breathable; otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable while riding. Care issues- leather chaps easily lose its royal look if it has not cared well.

Go for a half chaps that need low maintenance and easily washable. Go for a pair that is washing machine safe and does not need much care. The half chaps leather is surely the key element for quality.


Before purchasing, look out for the zippers. Check if they are sturdy enough. Go for a metal zipper rather than a plastic one. Make sure the zipper lies on the outside of the chap and rides smoothly from top to bottom.

Weather sensitivity

Many half-chaps' brands claim their product is waterproof. A waterproof pair will be easier to use on rainy days. Also, go for a pair that provides you warmth in winter.

Considering these important factors will help you have a pair of cheap half chaps and save your money.

Final verdict

If you want a great alternative for not affordable tall boots, there is no greater choice than half chaps. We have mentioned three different varieties of best half chaps in this article.

From an expert’s view, we prefer comfort over everything.

As half chaps are suitable for use in informal events, comfort comes fast. So, Dublin adult's is our best choice for this purpose. Moreover, it comes with the widest range of sizes. Your children also can feel comfortable with this pair of half chaps.

For royal outlook or best fitting, you choose from the rest of the product. Both seem to work wonders but give a different vibe. But they cannot beat the quality and comfort of Dublin Adult’s.

Let us know your opinion on these products. We hope that you will find this article beneficial.

Have a blessed day ya’ll!

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