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Best Glue for Arrow Inserts in 2022 | Perfect for Assembling

Making your own arrow is a fun and easy way of saving yourself a few bucks. It does not take much to turn a raw shaft into a high-quality bowhunting weapon.

But one of the trickiest items of this whole process is the insert that most of us fail to install for the lack of suitable glue. The most crucial component that holds the arrow together is the glue.

And if the adhesive isn’t right, all your hard work will go in vain with just one shoot. Hence, we will help you find the best glue for arrow inserts with high holding power, which lasts longer and makes your job ten times easier.

Top 7 Best Glue for Arrow Inserts in 2021

We have reviewed the top 7 durable glue that will make installing inserts effortless and efficient. Say goodbye to weak and poorly assembled shafts with these premium, high-quality adhesives.

1. Starbond EM-2000 Super Glue

Starbond EM-2000 Thick, Premium CA - Super Glue Plus Extra Cap and Microtips

Have you ever tried pushing an insert into a shaft, and it got stuck midway? Well, you are not alone. Some glues dry too quickly and don’t give you enough time to screw in the small tool.

Luckily, Starbond EM-2000 Super Glue is here to save the day. This industrial-strength glue is perfect for building arrows. Unlike other adhesives, this will provide you extra time to position your insert effortlessly.

The company lab tested this high-quality ethyl cyanoacrylate glue to ensure the best outcome. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about buying extra supplies to use it. This complete package has everything you will need.

The package includes extra applicator caps, clog remover, and micro-tips. Its clog remover comes with a small pin that helps to get rid of blockages quickly. 

Moreover, if you can’t reach a small space, the micro-tip will solve your problem. This tiny tip can get into areas that regular tips can’t. Hence, it will allow you to apply the glue to the specific place without any mess.

Furthermore, you can use this versatile glue on myriads of surfaces. Be it aluminum, wood, or stainless-steel arrow, this premium material is compatible with everything. Not only that, but it also works incredibly great on rubber, leather, ceramics, fiberglass, and tons of other surfaces.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with extra supplies
  • Industrial grade material
  • Compatible with many surfaces
  • You can use it as a gap filler
  • Two types of tips

2. Bohning Fletch Fuse Instant Glue

Bohning Fletch Fuse Instant Glue Fletch Fuse Insant Glue

Our next product on the line is the incredible instant glue by Bohning. The company designed this glue specifically for archery enthusiast who loves to build their arrows.

So, throw all your regular adhesives away and get this product for the smoothest and precise archer building job. A good glue should be able to keep all the small parts of the shaft together efficiently.

Arrows are constantly under pressure when you use them; hence, they might break easily if the glue is not strong. That’s why this company came up with an innovative glue just for your shaft.

This premium product will keep your insert into the shaft for a prolonged period without breaking or loosening. Its tight gripping capabilities make it perfect for assembling arrows at home by using arrow press.

Moreover, its thin tip makes it easy to use and apply on challenging areas effortlessly. The industrial-grade product is not only useful for inserts but also for building a whole weapon from scratch.

You can use it for the vanes, nocks, feathers, and all the other small parts of a shaft. Furthermore, it has a 30 seconds clamp time along with a 2 hours cure time.

Therefore, less clamp time allows you to attach small pieces without messing up the position. However, the 2 hours cure time can be a problem if you are in a hurry.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for vanes and feathers
  • 30 seconds clamp time
  • Extra stronghold
  • Fit for carbon arrows
  • Compatible with all shaft types

3. Bohning Insert Iron

Bohning Insert Iron

We have yet another arrow-special glue on our review list from Bohning. The company came up with the best glue for arrow inserts that leave no scope for disappointment.

Construct your arrows like a professional with this tiny yet incredibly strong product. Are you tired of your pointers getting stuck on the target? This product might be the ultimate problem solver for you.

Regular glues are not very useful when it comes to inserts and pointers. Hence, it is always best to go for products that are suitable for building weapons like this.

This silicon-based extra strong glue comes in a 4.5-inch container and holds 1 oz glue. It can weld inserts and pointers to all types of shafts, including wooden, stainless-steel, carbon, and aluminum shafts.

Moreover, the adhesive has high strength, holding power, and impact resistance to give you a smooth experience. You can shoot with precision for hours without facing any issues; the pointer won’t loosen, break, get stuck, or bend with this stronghold adhesive.

Furthermore, the total cure time of the glue is three days in cold temperatures. But you can use it on the second day if you live in a humid area.

It is not the greatest option for field repair jobs; since the cure time is 48-72 hours. However, if time is not an issue for you, this is undoubtedly one of the best options available in the market for building arrow.

Highlighted Features

  • Works on all shafts with different materials
  • Impact-resistant feature
  • High holding capacity
  • High-quality, durable container

4. Gold Tip Carbon Arrow Insert Glue

Gold Tip Grip Arrow Adhesive (10 Grams)

Take your arrow-building game to the next level with this impressive adhesive by Gold Tip. You don’t have to struggle on your everyday practice sessions with this tough glue anymore.

No more broken shafts and loose inserts and pointers! The manufacturers use high-quality 100% pure carbon to produce this tough adhesive.

Its impressive holding power and easy-to-use functionality will give you a long-term service. The adhesive works well for inserts as well as fletching, feathers, and vanes.

Moreover, this glue comes in a sturdy container that will not break easily. The glue will not stick to the container allowing you to use it for a prolonged period.

It also includes a sealable pack that will keep the glue sealed and prevent it from drying out. In addition, the rigid container also stops the glue from running out too quickly.

Furthermore, it comes with an easy-to-use tip enabling you to apply and handle glue with precision. This high-performance adhesive works well on all types of material, including carbon and wooden shafts.

Additionally, this glue dries up really fast, which makes it perfect for in-field works.

Therefore, if your arrow breaks in the middle of a practice session, you no longer have to worry about it. A quick fix with the super-fast glue will make your arrow brand new in no time.

Highlighted Feature

  • Fast-drying capability
  • Leaves no stain, dries clear
  • Easy to use tip design
  • It comes with a rigid, sealed container
  • 100% pre carbon glue

5. Pine Ridge Archery Instant Glue

Pine Ridge Archery Instant Arrow Glue, 1-Ounce

If you are tired of weak glues that fail to hold your arrow together, Pine Ridge Archery’s instant glue got your back. The company claims that this is the only glue you will ever need to assemble the sturdiest arrow you have used. We are sure this product will not be a disappointing purchase.

This USA-made instant glue is available in 1 oz containers at a very reasonable price. It will give the finish of a high-quality arrow with the lowest cost.

The premium adhesive works best on aluminum and carbon shafts; however, you can also use it for wooden shafts. The drying time of the adhesive is 7 to 10 seconds.

Therefore, this ultra-fast curing time will allow you to use it for on-field repairments. Furthermore, the high-quality glue leaves no bubble and stain while drying, giving your arrows a clean and sleek finish.

You can fletch your arrows with efficiency within a short time with this fast-drying glue. Furthermore, it is also an excellent product for vanes, tips, nocks, and performing the overall assembling activities. Its strong holding capacity will assure a long-term service.

In addition, it comes in an easy to maneuver containers which helps you to get your job done fast and efficiently. Moreover, the thin tip will allow you to apply the glue in the right place precisely.

Highlighted Feature

  • It dries in 7 to 10 seconds
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • High holding power
  • Long-lasting service
  • Extremely easy to handle

6. Bohning Blazer Glue for Carbon Arrow iInserts

Bohning Blazer Bond 1 Ounce

If you have been using regular glues to build an arrow, it is time for an upgrade. Bohning’s special archer glues are one the best any archer enthusiast can ask for.

The Bohning Blazer Bond will make your task ten folds easier and faster. Regular glues are either too weak or take too long to dry, making them inefficient for building sturdy arrows.

The small parts of arrows like feathers and vanes work best if the holding glue is more and clamp time is less. With longer clamp time, it becomes tough to stick the small accessories.

Luckily, the company introduced this special glue just for the builders; this adhesive comes with a 15 seconds clamp time which makes it the perfect product for assembling arrow nocks, feathers, and vanes.

Moreover, your self-built arrow will be ready to use in just two hours. Hence, its short cure and clamp time makes it an excellent choice for assembling arrows.

Moreover, the high-quality can provide a firm hold with just a thin drop. Hence, you won’t run out of glue too soon and keep using it for an extended period.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about the type of shaft you own because this versatile adhesive is suitable for all kinds of available shafts.

Furthermore, it comes with a flexible applicator that enables you to squeeze the right amount of glue every time. The applicator pulls back the additional glue after when you keep it in an upright position. Hence, it does not create a sticky mess in your workstation.

Highlighted Features

  • Only 15 seconds clamp time
  • Easy to handle precise applicator
  • Perfect for vanes and feathers
  • Suitable for different types of shafts

7. G5 Outdoors G-Lock Blu Glue 20g

Bohning Blazer Bond 1 Ounce

We are ending our review with the G-lock Blu Glue by G5 Outdoors. The company’s innovative product became the top pic of many arrow builders within a short time.

The product comes with many impressive features that address all the problems you usually face while doing any job with adhesives. This flexible product will offer a solid, unbreakable bond that will last for an extended period.

Its unique formula will efficiently stick all the small parts together, allowing you to carry on your practice sessions or hunting without any interruptions.

The company came up with an innovative formula that makes the color of the glue blue instead of transparent. It allows you to have a clear idea of how much coverage is required.

Hence, this blue translucent material prevents excess dripping and enables you to work with efficiency.

You might ask, will it leave a blue stain on your shaft? Well, the exciting part is, even though this adhesive is colored, it becomes clear and transparent when it dries.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it ruining your arrow’s outlook. Moreover, this adhesive dries out in seconds, enabling you to assemble all the accessories in the right place instantly.

Its almost instant cure time makes it the perfect product for fletching and installing inserts effortlessly.

Furthermore, its thin consistency allows the arrow to retain its natural weight and offers a high stronghold. The carefully designed tip of the container will enable you to apply a nice thin bead of glue without any mess.

Highlighted Features

  • The blue translucent formula makes the glue visible
  • Dries transparent, giving a clean finish
  • High performance and holding capability
  • Easy and effortless application

Glue for Arrow Inserts Buying Guide

Best glue for carbon arrow inserts

We have talked about some of the top-leading adhesive brands that will be worth your money. Now it is time to take you on a deeper discussion about all the little things that you should not be missing while buying an insert glue for yourself.


One of the essential parts of any adhesive is its container. A low-quality glue bottle is not capable of keeping the material inside fresh and usable.

Moreover, some containers break or wear out after the first use. Hence, it is important to consider the type of container that the company offers, especially in the case of super glue.

Prime quality rigid compact bottles prevent moisture from getting in and retains the proper consistency of the glue.

Hence, you don’t have to buy a new adhesive bottle every time. One bottle will last for a long time saving your money.

Bonding Capability

It is pretty obvious that the holding power of an adhesive is a crucial feature you should always pay attention to. Arrows aren’t home decor items that you assemble and keep in your house.

Those sticks are constantly being shot around and have to handle a considerable amount of tension. No one wants an arrow that breaks apart with just one shoot. Therefore, an arrow glue should come with the highest level of bonding capacity.


You will find a lot of different types of adhesives in the market suitable for various surfaces. Most adhesives do not work for all kinds of materials like wood, copper, aluminum.

Therefore, before purchasing an arrow for building your hunting tool. It is vital to make sure it is suitable for your shaft type. However, some adhesives work great on all kinds of shafts.

So, if you own multiple types of weapons, buying versatile adhesives is the best choice.

Clamp and Cure Time

The clamp and cure time is essential when you have to bond multiple small things in one tiny shaft. Especially if you are out for practice or hunting, adhesives with fast clamping time come in handy.

You can easily attach the feather or pointer with the shaft and carry on with your work.

However, very fast clamping time can be a disadvantage for inserts because they might get stuck before you can install the insert properly. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the duration before buying a glue.

People Also Asked About Adhesive for Glueing Inserts

1. What is an ideal clamp duration for an insert glue?

The perfect clamp time for adhesives is 30-60 seconds. If the clamping duration is too short, you may not be able to install the little tool all the way in. However, other than the inserts, quick clamp time work great for attaching feathers and nocks easily.

2. When is the right time to use an arrow after assembling it?

The cure time depends on the brand of the adhesive. It can range from 2 hours to 2 or 3 days, depending on the quality and features.

Hence, to know how long you should wait, you have to follow the instruction manual. The arrow should be completely dry and set before taking it to the field.

3. How to install an insert into the shaft?

The first step is to cut the shaft according to your desired length. It is vital to make sure that the ends are flat and level. If the shaft is uneven, your insert will sit at an angle, ruining the alignment of the pointer.

Next, place your tool halfway into the shaft and apply a thin layer of instant glue and push it in. Immediately wipe the excess adhesive off the stick, wait for it to dry, and you are ready to go.

4. How to remove inserts from carbon arrows?

Grab a field tip and screw it into the shafts; however, be sure not to wrench it too tight. Now heat the tip carefully in a way so that the flame does not touch your carbon shaft.

The heat will transfer from the field tip to the insert and melt the glue, allowing you to uninstall it easily.

5. How long does insert glue last?

Generally, the inserts of an arrow do not loosen up unless you pull it out with force. High-quality glue can hold tools for an extended period; however, you have to keep upgrading other parts like the feather and the pointer depending on how often you use your arrow.

Final Word

And that’s a wrap! We have discussed everything you need to know to find the best glue for arrow inserts for your arrow. Hopefully, you will be able to build the perfect arrow you have always wanted with these impressive products.

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