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Top 3 Best Barrel Saddles Reviews | Comfortable for Your Horse

Only an authentic cowboy knows how essential it is to buy the best barrel saddles.

Ever wonder why they're so choosy about it?

That's because it's related to comfort. Horse riding will be much comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable if you feel comfy. Otherwise, the riding session will be a nightmare.

At the same time, you have to make sure that your horse is also feeling comfortable since s/he is bearing your weight. This means comfort is more essential for your horse.

Some barrel saddles are manufactured to provide comfort, while some others are ideal for long-distance riding.

So how do I choose the right size saddle?

Don’t worry. In this write-up, we covered a few questions along with reviews of the 3 racing barrels to allow a horse rider to make a wise purchase.

So, let’s deep dive right in.

Wondering Are Barrel Saddles Good for Trail Riding?


Barrel saddles are specially made for barrel racing.

Sharp and fast turns are common in barrel racing, and the rider has to be stable enough to make those turns. Barrel saddles have deep seats, which allows a rider to sit on the horse steadily. They also come with tall horns for better gripping.

But here’s the interesting thing.......

Higher cantles of the barrel saddle protect the rider during those sharp turns. Barrel saddles are designed with lightweight and compact characteristics to feel comfortable when making a run.

According to the definition of trail riding, a trail ride can be lengthy and cover long distances. Even trail riding can be a multi-day trip. Since barrel saddles are lightweight and designed to provide comfort to both the rider and horse, barrel saddles are good for trail riding.

Top 3 Best Barrel Saddles Reviews in 2021 | The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The journey of picking the top 3 wasn't an easy one.

We looked at 19-barrel saddle models, read 16 articles, read 193 customer reviews, & then pick the final nine to test.

We ensure that the reviewed barrel saddles in this list are premium-quality to meet all your requirements.

1. Acerugs Western Barrel Saddle To Gear Up Like A Real Western Cowboy

Acerugs Beautiful Western Pleasure Trail Barrel Racer Show Horse Saddle Free TACK Set

The scoop:

  • Synthetic cordura material
  • Underside is made of soft synthetic fleece
  • The blevin buckles are adjustable

The Acerugs Trail Barrel Racer Show Horse Saddle is the best choice for riding experts and beginners. It comes with several color options and offers optimum comfort. Moreover, it is uniquely designed to grab the attention of any horse rider.

Materials, Style, & Craftsmanship

Premium quality synthetic Cordura material is used to manufacture this barrel saddle. The whole saddle is built with good quality materials.

Moreover, it is so attractive to look at and comfortable. You will not face any problem lifting it on and off. It stays in its position steadily after attaching and will not show any issue in long period riding.

Seat & Foam inside

The seat is soft-padded to provide the highest comfortability; more importantly, the underside is equipped with a gentle synthetic fleece. Additionally, it has a double reinforced fiberglass tree that offers many years of service and looks almost new even after riding for several hours without interruption. Overall, this is a comfy saddle for both the horse and rider.

Additionally, the seat is painted, has colorful binding, assisting you in cleaning the seat conveniently. Simultaneously, it is a tearful saddle due to its nylon binding.

Weight & Fitting

It is one of the lightest horse saddles in the market, making it easy to handle. Tacking up your horse will surely be convenient since it is only 18 lbs. with the saddle. It is a well-designed saddle and definitely worth the price.

Throat Strap

The nylon-made throat strap increases stability to the user when riding. It fits perfectly to your horse neck. You will always be able to control your balance with its throat strap. By grabbing it, you can keep yourself safe from accidental falls.

As a matter of fact......

It is a confident booster. It promotes security and stability, at the same time, allows your horse freedom of the rein.

What's Included with the Saddle?

Upon buying the saddle, you will get a free matching headstall, saddle pad, breast collar, and reins for a limited time.

Warranty/Return Policy & Maneuverability

This saddle comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee if you receive a damaged item. With quality materials, it promises to deliver many years of service.

Maneuverability is extremely high in this saddle. Being a lightweight saddle, you won’t face any problem carrying it. Also, installing and uninstalling it is so simple.

Why should you buy it?

  •  Durably made with synthetic Cordura material to provide long-lasting service
  • Soft padded seat offers utmost comfortability
  • Easy to clean because of the colorful binding
  • Throat strap helps you to stay steady and stable when riding
  • Colorful seat and nicely designed
  • It comes with D-rings to show number attachment

What could be better?

  • Slippery blanket that you will need to add an additional non-slippery blanket beneath

2. Kavallerie Front Riser Gel Saddle Pad – best barrel saddle for high withered horse

Kavallerie Front Riser Gel Saddle Pad | Helps with Saddle Bridging

The scoop

  • Gel saddle pad offers extreme comfort
  • Easy to clean with water
  • 100+ air breathable holes

This Kavallerie Front Riser Gel saddle pad is designed especially for the swayback horse. By balancing your saddle, it offers comfortable cushioning for a swayback horse and the rider. Thus, injury is prevented for both. It also distributes pressure perfectly and provides support to the rider’s back. This means no painful hips and raw bums.

Materials, style, & Craftsmanship

The soft yet robust material is used to manufacture this saddle pad. Generally, heap gel saddle pads build up sweat and heat since they have fewer holes in them. The good news is that this gel saddle pad has more than 100 holes to prevent sweating, heat, irritation, and discomfort. However, it is also soft that you will feel comfortable with it. This half pad is a gel, so it’s very flexible and floppy. It just acts as a shock absorber.

Seat & Foam Inside

Its built-in Reiter gel material distributes the support evenly and ensures painless cushioning. It is definitely as the ad says: extremely comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and good for multiple disciplines.

Weight & Fitting

This saddle pad has a unique shape which makes it compatible to be used with any saddle pad. Sometimes, saddle location in significantly essential. All you need to do is, the saddle position is not mismatching with any saturated saddle blanket. Also, the size should be comfortable for your horse.

You will love to know that the pad can be trimmed using a scissor or any other thing since a creased area is available in the back. This way, the pad will perfectly fit with the rear skirt.

Throat Strap

Since it is a gel saddle pad to keep that stays beneath the saddle, so it doesn’t come with a throat strap. The prime responsibility of this pad is to reduce your pain in the ribs by providing superior comfort. Similarly, it offers protection and comfort for your horse.

What's included with the saddle

Sadly, no additional item is included with the gel saddle pad.

Warranty/Money Back Guarantee & Maneuverability

If you are unsatisfied with this gel saddle pad’s performance or if it does not fit your horse, simply contact us. Without asking the question, we will replace it. Also, the manufacturer offers a 30-days money-back guarantee for the satisfaction of you and your horse's.

Why Should You Buy it?

  • It is designed to provide comfort and relaxation for both you and your horse
  • Made of soft yet strong materials
  • It balances your weight and allows your horseback to breath
  • Reduces heat build-up, irritation, skin irritation on long rides
  • Customizable according to your need
  • Easy to clean with water only

What could be better?

  • It holds dust and dirt a lot, so frequent cleaning is mandatory

3. Manaal Enterprises Premium Leather Adult Horse Saddle Tack – Lightweight Bbarrel Saddle

Manaal Enterprises Premium Leather Western Barrel Racing Adult Horse Saddle Tack

The scoop

  • Hand carved with fern leaf and basketweave
  • 100% premium leather
  • Well-padded soft seat

The unique feature of the Manual Enterprises Premium Leather Adult Horse Saddle Tack is the design. You will rarely find a uniquely designed horse saddle tack in the market. Its design will insist you buy the saddle. However, it offers excellent performance as well.

Materials, style, & Craftsmanship

As stated earlier, this saddle is exceptionally designed with 100% premium leather. Moreover, it is handcrafted using fern leaf and basket weave.

Attaching accessories is quite comfortable in this saddle because it has numerous ties with silver conchos. Moreover, it confirms optimum comfort to riders with its padded ergonomic stirrups. Besides, it is equipped with a high-tech close contact skirt to boost communication between the rider and horse.

Seat & Foam inside

The seat of the saddle is well-padded. Also, the underside of the seat has a well-padded fleece to ensure comfort to the horse.

This way, in a long ride, the rider and horse both will feel comfortable. No irritation and no heat buildup are guaranteed too. The truth is, it is meant to deliver comfort all the time. Similarly, the rider and horse will never face a hard time with it.

Weight & Fitting

It weighs approximately 28 lbs. making it extremely lightweight compared to its competitors. The saddle doesn’t put much pressure on the horseback since the pressure gets distributed evenly.

How should a barrel saddle fit the rider?

Another thing is it fits quite perfectly on the adult horse. You will love to know that this model is available in 9 different seat sizes from 14” – 18”, you can choose according to your requirement.

Throat Strap

A throat strap is a significantly essential accessory of a horse. It allows a rider to control the balance when riding. The throat strap of this saddle ensures that you are steadily rising, and no chance of accidental fall is there.

In addition, this will help your horse continue to jump while the pressure on the horse’s neck over time will encourage him to stand more calmly.

What's included with the saddle?

The package includes Breast Collar, Reins, and Matching Headstall. Grab your package without late since the included items are available until the supplies last.

Warranty/Money Back Guarantee & Maneuverability

The saddle doesn’t come with any warranty or money-back guarantee. But that doesn’t mean that you will receive a faulty product. The manufacturer ensures that you will not find any fault in it after receiving it.

It is easy to maneuver as well; from beginners to expert riders, anybody can use it conveniently.

Why Should You Buy it?

  • Premium quality skirting leather construction confirms the product’s longevity
  • Beautifully designed with fern leaf and basketweave
  • The soft-padded seat provides comfort on long rides
  • Soft fleece underside offers comfort to the horse

What could be better?

  • Only suitable for adult horses

What Should I Look for In A Barrel saddle?

Barrel saddles reviews

Horse riding is an excellent source of reducing strain. After buying a horse, a saddle is one of the expensive investments, so you have to be cautious when purchasing.

Find the below factors that need to be considered when buying a barrel saddle.


As already mentioned, several manufacturers are out there producing barrel saddle. Although all manufacturers make quality saddles, consideration needs to keep in mind, especially when buying online.

You will see the image only of your selected saddles online; you can’t touch it until it arrives at your home. Moreover, images are eye-catchy, and original products can be crafted with inferior quality. So, to evade this concern, buy saddles from a renowned manufacturer.

Top-notch manufacturers provide a guarantee about the product quality. Even some manufacturers offer money-back guarantees over damaged products.


The common materials of barrel saddles are fleece, fiberglass, and leather. It is noteworthy that leather saddles are unique because they have blemishes and unevenness.

So, after receiving a leather barrel saddle, if you find that the color is not matching with the advertised product, don’t think that the product is artificial or wrong.

Also, make sure soft materials such as fleece are used in the saddle’s underside. This is mandatory for the comfort of the horse.

Never buy a barrel saddle with an undercarriage made of hard materials. Your horse will feel discomfort; even severe health issues may happen.


Be noted that all barrel saddles are suitable for all riding styles. So, buy an inexpensive saddle if you are a beginner.

Saddles are manufactured for specific purposes such as track riding, trail riding, ranch work, barrel racing, and many more. So, it is necessary to know your plan with your horse.

For instance, if you decide to do trick riding, you have to choose a specialized saddle that can balance your weight evenly to comfort your horse when doing numerous tricks.

On the other hand, buy an inexpensive yet premium-featured barrel saddle to ensure more comfort if you plan to Do trail riding.


Riding a horse for a long time is uncomfortable, undoubtedly, and many riders will agree with this statement. So, buy a saddle that offers ultimate comfortability and flexible seating position when riding.

Moreover, you have to always think about your horse because it is the one who is bearing your weight and the weight of the saddle. You have to make sure that your purchased saddle is efficient enough in its responsibility.

With a wrong saddle, irreparable damage can happen to your horse. Even your horse can get injured permanently. So, buy a saddle that has a reputation in the market.

4 Most Popular Barrel Saddle Brands

Many barrel saddle manufacturers are available in the barrel racing industry. Each of them offers different benefits and best for a particular use. Let’s look at a few leading brands of barrel saddles from below.


Acerugs produces affordably priced barrel saddles and offers premium quality features. Their manufactured saddles are suitable for both beginners and expert riders. The saddles from Acerugs are easy to maintain, providing utmost comfort to the rider and horse.

Big Horn

Bighorn is well-known for manufacturing high-end barrel saddles. A dropped rigging is available in Big Horn saddles for better fit and intensive contact.

Circle Y

Circle Y uses top leather material to manufacture racing saddles, which is why many customers prefer buying Circle Y racing saddles. Also, it is a trusted brand for high-end saddles.

Double T

This is also a budget-friendly saddle manufacturer. They have a wide range of saddle collections offering to multiple customers. The vivid collections of saddles are much popular among horse riders, from high-end to wallet-friendly quality.

Other renowned saddle manufacturers are Dakota, Martin Saddlery, Teskey, Tes Tan, Reinsman, and the above-discussed brands.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this guide helps you to narrow down your list when buying the best barrel saddle. Remember to buy a barrel saddle that meets your requirement and gives you ultimate comfort.

Comfortability should get the top priority since it is essential for you and your horse.

Happy riding!

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