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7 Best Arrow Nocks | Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

There was a time when people barely knew about arrow nocks and their impact on the overall shooting. However, in present days things are different.

Even though the arrow nocks are one of the tiniest components of archery, it yields great significance. For instance, a typical arrow nock ensures distributing energy from the bow to arrow, while the lighted nock guarantees that the arrow can be reused and retrieved.

Now, what’s hard is to extract the best arrow nocks from the overwhelming varieties that can meet your expectations.

Also, no brand will give you enough exposure to the product, mostly the downsides. To look within, you need an unbiased evaluation.

Thus, we have invested an entire week in compiling 7 top-rated arrow nocks in today’s review.

7 Best Arrow Nocks Review in 2021

We’ve ensured focusing on some crucial factors like overall performance, durability, budget-friendliness, customer service, and various needs while enlisting these lighted arrow nocks.

And at the end of the review, you will find a buying guide that will help you conclude.

1. Nockturnal-X Lighted Archery Nocks

Nockturnal-X Lighted Archery Nocks

The prime objective of Nockturnal is to render the most durable lighted nocks that are shock resistant. This brand has an array of different lighted nocks in terms of various dimensions, color availabilities, adjustments, etc.

Here, the Nockturnal-X lighted nocks are specially crafted for hunting while it's dusk time. It has a limited color spectrum of green and hot red.

Both colors are vibrant enough to spread the beam so that you can find them easily, thanks to the overpowering visibility and high-performing lithium batteries. The batteries have up to 20 hours of life expectancy.

Hence, if you are too tired to look for your arrow at night, you can wait for the next day and still find it.

These nocks easily fit arrows with a .204 diameter range from inside. You will require no prep work or have to deal with any complications. Just take it out from the package, attach it to the shaft and see it straightly accommodating in fully operating condition.

Now, wanna know the best part? It comes in a package of three nocks to help you keep on board even if you lost one. Being water and shock-resistant, these nocks stand out in the crowd.

Furthermore, the durability and cost-effectiveness are like a surplus to its overall caliber. No wonder it’s one of the Perfect arrow nocks when it comes to hunting.

Highlighted Features

  • Up to 20 hours battery life.
  • No need to use specializes tools.
  • Effortless assembly.
  • Works with new to conventional nock styles.
  • Adapts to your arrow shaft smoothly.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Compact and convenient design.

2. CenterPoint Archery CP400 Carbon Arrows

CenterPoint Archery Carbon Arrows

Well, Center point Archery has a reputation for trading innovative designs and high-performing hunting accessories. They ensure catering to diverse hunting needs. Be it a durable arrow with firm fletch or a lighted nock with longevity.

Here the carbon arrow is specially made for the CP400 crossbow. And along with the 20-inch carbon arrow, you will get the aluminum nock collars.

The lighted nock here will help you acknowledge your hunting skills.


Typically, when you shoot your shot in the dark, you can barely determine whether you succeeded or not.

Even if you do, you are oblivious about the mistake you are making while firing the arrow. Here, with the lighted nock, you can precisely watch your trajectory and decipher where you are lacking.

Thus, no wonder it assists you to get better everyday, let alone the arrows can be found no matter how dark it is. However, these lighted nocks are fully hand-fletched with 2 inches of white and orange vanes.

This package consists of three 100% carbon fiber arrows with the half-moon lighted nocks attached. Interestingly, these nocks don’t inform you about the expected battery life or how long they are going to keep up. The nocks constantly release the beam.

Now, if you ever feel like getting past the lighted nock and using solid ones, then you can replace them without any intricacies.

However, the overall construction pretty much ensures that these nocks are supremely durable. So, as long as you are using them orderly, it should work well with the carbon fiber arrows.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum nock collars with 80-grain brass inserts.
  • Entirely fletched with 2 inch white and orange vanes.
  • Suitable for late-night hunting.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Easily replaceable.

3. TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Arrows with Alpha Nocks

TenPoint Carbon Arrows

This brand is prominent for its high-tech crossbow accessories as it helps to enhance the overall hunting experience.

With TenPoint, everything feels a little easier and smarter. In this package, you will get 20-inch carbon arrows that ensure 25% improved crossbow accuracy. And the most enticing part of this edition is the AlPHA-NOCK and ALPHA-BRITE technology. These two works are dedicated to tracking the crossbow impact.

Moreover, keeping records of the crossbow direction and estimated accuracy is also necessary. And gladly, the lighted nock system ideally takes care of it.

The main problem most of the archers encounter during hunting is the string-to-nock alignment. Sometimes it's either too tight or too loose that you end with inconsistent shooting. Furthermore, the lack of engagement hinders the overall accuracy, such as when you shoot your shot in a certain direction, it doesn't go straight.

Instead, it derails from the reference point. Hence, to ensure a straight nock-travel with precision down-range accuracy, you will need these lighted nocks.

The TenPoint’s string is relatively narrow, although it fits firmly around the middle of the alpha nock. One thing that might seem complicated is the nock-detaching process.

Here, you will have a nock receiver insert with an internal cavity. The nock receiver is fastened inside the arrow shaft, which merges the LED unit and luminously pegged Alpha-Brite nock.

You don’t have to stress over the stability of each accessory as the nock receiver adheres to the nock end of the arrow and is linked with the vanes. Long story short, for faster crossbows, these lighted nocks come in handy.

Highlighted Features

  • 25% improved accuracy.
  • Enhanced string-to-nock alignment.
  • Reduces the string serving wear.
  • The Alpha-Britelighted nock can be deactivated.
  • Ensures delivering a straight-nock travel.
  • Increased stability.
  • Weight-grain matched to within 1-grain per arrow.

4. Nockturnal Fit Universal Size Green Lighted Arrow Archery Nocks

Nockturnal Arrow Archery Nocks

Here we have another edition from the brand Nockturnal that’s one of the best in line for providing superior illumination and incomparable accuracy. This lighted arrow archery nock is immensely compatible with almost all sizes.

Well, as you can see, it's in the name "universal size." It will fit GT, X, H, and S series arrows ideally. So, there's no chance of getting inconsistent results regardless of the archery arrow you are using.

Moreover, there are approximately 8 different colors available from where you can choose the desired ones. We suggest the green or the red one as it allures your vision the most at dusk time. Also, there's another option for red and green strobing lighted nocks. They alternate 400 times a minute between two given colors.

You can choose the strobing one as well; however, most people find it redundant. The overall increased precision and high efficiency in low light guarantee that your arrow isn't lost. You can retrieve the arrows after casting them far by following the beam of light.

No wonder it will save up a lot of cash from buying new arrows whenever you are hunting in low light exposure. Furthermore, these nocks are extremely durable, thanks to the ultra-strong polycarbonate construction. It ensures a water-repelling and shock-resistant profile.

Consequently, in any weather condition or atmosphere, the nocks aren’t damaged. With more than 20 hours of lithium battery life and an effortless adjustment facility, these reign over most of the top-rated arrow nocks.

Highlighted Features

  • No wire of connection required.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Perfectly fits almost all string sizes.
  • Super bright LED bulb.
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant.
  • Wide range of color availability.
  • Piston-driven contact switch ensures easy on/off.

5. Crossbow Bolts Aluminum Arrows And Half Moon Nocks

Crossbow Bolts Aluminum Arrows

These are possibly one of the most budget-friendly aluminum crossbow bolts. At this price range, very few brands offer high-quality hunting accessories. Anyways, here you will have 16 inches aluminum arrow shaft that travels straight and penetrate the target with utmost precision.

However, these arrows are strictly accompanied by crossbows under 220lbs. Anything around this parameter can be easily assembled and operated for various outdoor hunting purposes.

Also, 125-grain field points are included in the package. Now, about the nock, the half-moon nock is tailored with plastic, although it depicts a radical result contrary to the cheap plastic materials.

Yet, undeniably, plastic doesn’t last long and is incapable of withstanding extreme situations. However, there are very specific reasons why you should try plastic nocks when you are hunting in low light.

First thing first, plastic nocks barely cause any damage to the strings or rails. Secondly, they come in very handy when it's time to alter them. We mean, it takes only 5 minutes to change the plastic nocks.

Given that, these nocks save a lot of time and ensure more shooting with accuracy. So, if you are immersed in deer hunting or expecting something heavy-duty, then these might not work for you. But as long as you are longing for fairly straight shafts with easily removable nocks for an accurate shot, these will do just fine.

Highlighted Features

  • Twelve arrows in one pack with 4 inches vane.
  • 16 inches shaft length ensures straight travel.
  • Durable aluminum shaft material.
  • Half-moon plastic nocks offer effortless alteration.
  • Compatible with crossbows under 220lbs.
  • 125 grains field points included.

6. jiexi fashion Compound Bow Arrow Nocks

jiexi fashion Compound Bow Arrow Nocks

jiexi presents lighted arrow nocks for your compound bow that effortlessly adjusts to 5.3mm inside diameter. This set is comprised of 6 pieces of high-visibility LED arrow nocks with 48 hours battery life.

Hence, you can easily retrieve the arrows in the dark or the next day. These arrow nocks arrive in 30 grains in total weight, which is basically 25-50% less than most of the lighted nocks.

The perk of incorporating lightweight nocks with the arrow shaft is flexibility. They adhere to the shaft steadily, and when you cast the arrow to a certain target, it guides you to track the arrow’s flight.

Also, it's highly recommended to use arrow nocks that are lightweight. Because the lighter, the better. These automated x lighted nocks distribute a string-activated linear lever that resides deep inside the nock. It assures that the nock remains firm and doesn’t fall. Speaking of this, you might wonder how these nocks can be lighted.

Well, these nocks are lighted when you exert pressure on the string.

To be more precise, the pressure of the tense string helps to activate the lighted LED feature. Now, when you want to turn off the light, all you have to do is to use a little tool or object to shove the colorful part up through the hole.

This way, you can easily turn on/off the arrow nocks depending on your convenience. In short, these lighted arrow nocks are suitable for archers looking for a lightweight arrow nock with superior visibility.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of clear plastic for high transparency.
  • Ideal for compound bows.
  • Identifiable from hundreds of yards away.
  • Weighs 25-50% less than most of the arrow nocks.
  • Effortless operation.
  • Fits inside diameter of 5.3mm.
  • Can be lighted up for continuous 48 hours.

7. E-Arc 6PCS-New S Lighted Nocks for Arrows

Compound Bow Arrow Nock

This brand dedicatedly renders affordable lighted nocks for professional and recreational bow.

The specialty of their arrow nocks is the automatic turn-on light, and the high visibility LED light. Thanks to the plastic exterior that amplifies the light visibility and helps you to track the arrow in low light or during dusk time.

Also, the lightweight and unique design ensures that it easily fits arrows up to .244 inches. You will get them in an assortment of six arrow nocks that are also shock resistant.

Moreover, you can choose your preferred colors from the various color choosing options, such as green, red, yellow, blue, and multi-color.

Furthermore, these lighted arrow nocks don’t require any prior or after assembly. In fact, no wires or amendments are necessary when you are shooting your shot. All you have to do is to press the on/off lever to either activate the light or not.

The most enticing part is they light up automatically when the arrow is drawn at full length. And they can easily survive for more than 48 hours.

Undoubtedly, these nocks are long-lasting and can save your expensive arrows from getting lost. As these patenting lighted nocks are cost-effective and easily assembled, having them for your 6.2mm/.244” diameter arrows won’t be a bad idea.

In fact, if you are looking for something supremely handy or you are reluctant to mess with installation complicacy, then this one has got your back.

Highlighted Features

  • See-through plastic exterior for maximum light transmission.
  • Super bright LED light.
  • Fitsarrows with 6.2mm/.244” inside diameter.
  • No tool required due to the ON/OFF switch facility.
  • Up to 48 hours extended battery life.
  • Lights up automatically when shooting

Arrow Nocks Buying Guide Help You to Choose Perfect One

Arrow Nocks

Before shopping for the best arrow nocks, there are few crucial things that you need to take into account. But most importantly, you should be aware of the purpose and anticipated results. Only then can you merge the expectation with the product’s attributes. This way, you will find the ideal arrow nock for your are.


The first and most important thing to inspect is the battery configuration. For instance, there are plenty of batteries, or mostly lithium ones, that are used for illuminated arrow nocks.

But most of the batteries aren’t replaceable. They come in with the arrow nock by default, and you barely know when the battery is dead. Some brands tell you about the battery life expectancy, whereas some of them leave you clueless. You are left to wait until it runs out of charge and then replaced.

Now, on the flip side, few arrow nocks offer replaceable batteries, which are pretty rare, but they surely exist. What you should do is to ensure having a backup arrow nock or spare batteries for each lighted nock you have in your arsenal.

The Inside Diameter

Check out the inside diameter of your arrow and see if the arrow nock you intend to purchase falls into the same parameter or not.


As you want to hunt in low light or during dusk time, it's only sensible to focus on the color of your lighted arrow nocks. You must choose colors with high visibility. It should attract your visions even from a distant place.

For example, if you have a white-colored LED nock with a colorful plastic exterior, you will barely spot it. Because the external vibrancy overpowers the inside light, and as a result, the light can’t transmit effectively.

What you need is a clear see-through plastic exterior with a bright green or red LED placed inside. This way, you can easily trace your arrow nocks and retrieve the arrows for further use.


The weight of your nock partly contributes to the overall accuracy. It should be well balanced so that you don’t experience any inconvenience while replacing or changing various arrow movements. Even making small adjustments can feel complicated if the nocks are too heavy.

On the flip side, arrow nocks that are lightweight easily adjust to the arrow shaft, stay firm and give you a satisfactory result. The lighter, the better!

Avoid Using Strong Adhesive

There might be people who suggest you use glue or strong adhesives to install your lighted arrow nocks. But, in reality, when you use too much of it, the nocks can’t be detached afterward.

It becomes too rigid to move or bring to any amendments. As a result, you can’t replace the batteries or the nocks when need be. Hence, make sure you don’t cement the arrow nocks too tightly so that they can be easily disposed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I shoot deer with my lighted nocks?

Answer: Yes, you can. Now, you may be wondering whether they can see the arrow or not, as the illuminated nocks are attached. Well, remember that the nock is assembled behind the arrow and the deer is only in front of the arrow. Hence, they can't even see it coming, and you would successfully shoot your shot!

2. Does arrow nock affect accuracy?

Answer: Honestly, they barely affect accuracy. At least there's no direct impact on arrows, but partly the weight of your arrow nocks or the adjustment quality can partly affect it.

3. Can I reuse my lighted nocks?

Answer: Yes! Surely, you can. As long as your lighted nocks are in a good state, you can use them as many times as you want.

4. What is the standard arrow nock weight?

Answer: An arrow nock over 20 grains would be perfect.

5. Can I turn off the light of my arrow nock?

Answer: It depends on the type of nock you are using. Some brands offer arrow nock with an ON/OFF button by which you can take control of the light.

On the contrary, there are lighted nocks that can be shut down by poking the colorful part up through the hole using a small tool. And some nocks come with limited battery life, and it keeps transmitting the beam until the battery drains.

Final Words

The reason why we always strain out the top-rated products is that it amplifies the chances of getting decent quality. Here, while looking for the best arrow nocks, we made sure about the quality and the main feature, "the LED."

Also, the fact that each product has a very specific purpose of aiding is very helpful. You can easily find out what you need. For instance, the arrow inside diameter is strictly outlined so that you can easily determine whether this arrow nock is for you or not! Hope it helps.

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