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Best Archery Bow for Hunting and Fishing – Review and Guide

We are into archery for almost 2 years now, yet we don’t miss getting our hands-on different archery bows. Be it a recurve bow or a compound one, we make sure to use it on various hunting sessions.

And looking at our overall experience and assessment, we have discovered the best archery bows for not only novice archers but also professionals.

In the past, when we just started practicing archery, we have made grave mistakes in choosing the ideal bow depending on the individual’s hunting style, orientation hand, compatibility, aiming caliber, etc.

But now we are familiar with the multitude of intricacies that a wrong hunting bow can invite! Hence, keeping all the scenarios in mind, we have curated an in-depth buying guide as well so that you can deduce the suitable one for you.

7 Best Archery Bow Reviews of 2021

Here, we have enlisted 7 archery bows from the top bow brands. And each of them has its significance in certain roles; however, none of them are going to be a holy grail for you! One might be ample for the given situation, and another might not work at all.

Hence, we tried heart and soul to review these products precisely depending on various features, draw height and length, budget, etc. Thus, you can bag the one that works just fine for you.

1. KAINOKAI Traditional Recurve Archery Bow, Recurve Bow Set

KAINOKAI Archery Bow

Undoubtedly, KAINOKAI is one of the most trustable sellers of outdoor goods. They ensure rendering an array of bows with a competent characteristic. And gladly, all of the bows are produced by craftsmen.

Now, let’s talk about this particular recurve bow. It comes with a comprehensive assortment of 1 finger guard, 3 wood hunting arrows with nock, 1 arrow target paper, 3 bowstring wax, and 1 bowstring.

This archery bow is engineered with high-quality materials. Here, the bow arm is made of transparent epoxy and coated in leather. You get the perfect combination of durability and delicacy in your bow. Certainly, it's one of the best deer hunting archery bow units.

Besides, the bow handle is crafted with a fine polish of locust wood so that it can lessen the corrosion tendency or any kind of damage. Moreover, the bowstring is resistant to water. Hence, you don't have to stress over the maintenance and various outdoor influence.

The bow length, string length, brace height, and draw weight are 54 inches, 52 inches, 7.5-7.8 inches, and 20-70 lbs at max, respectively. At this rate, you can easily get a hunting arrow range of 150 meters or more. However, it pretty much depends on your dragging capacity or force.

If you are arching for the first time, make sure to opt for 30 to 40 pounds, albeit for women, the suggested weight is 25 pounds.

Now, the most impressive feature of this best archery bow is that it’s compatible with both left and right-hand orientations.

One thing that you need to decipher is that the product’s length is quite big, and due to various shipping complicacy, the packaging might arrive a little damaged. We hope that’s not a problem as long as the product is in good condition.

Highlighted Features

  • Swift shooting speed.
  • Both hand orientation.
  • Durable bow arm and string construction.
  • Optimal draw weight applicable for all-class archers.
  • Easy and quick bow string assembly.
  • Minimizes the potential risk of wear and tear.
  • Waterproof bowstring.

2. Bear Archery Scout Youth Compound Bow set

Bear Archery Scout Bow Set

There’s not a single archer who isn’t familiar with one of the best bow brands, Bear Archery, and its various archery supply. It started back in 1947, and since then, the brand is only growing by making and selling recurve bows, longbows, and numerous hunting accessories.

Unlike other compound bow sets, this one is specifically engineered for kids. If you are tired of seeing your kid playing video games and staying all day indoors, then introduce this Scout Youth Compound Bow Set to them!

Undoubtedly, it evokes a sporty spirit inside your child, and it only evolves with time. So, this is something you should give to your 4 to 7-year-old child.

Now, that’s pretty much self-explanatory that it’s not capable of deer hunting or anything extreme. It's rather a tool for your child who is new to shooting, and the only thing he needs is to practice!

And to prepare your child for future endeavors, this compound bow plays a vital role.

In this package, you will get two safety glass arrows, sight pins, finger rollers, arrow quiver, and armguard; literally everything your child may need. It has a draw weight of 8-13lbs and a16 to 24 inches draw length. Here, one thing you should be aware of is that the draw length is not adjustable.

Hence, it will offer the exact poundage of 8 to 13 lbs, depending on the draw length of your kid.

Some of the parents suggested that it's not powerful enough. However, we believe that it works just right as far as your 4 or 7-year-old just started to learn how to handle this accessory.

On the other hand, the draw length isn't adjustable as well, which means that it can only be operated by children who fit the 16”-24” perimeter. The arm guard and the durable grip ensure a comfortable shooting session.

See, this compound bow set surely isn't ideal for fish hunting or anything next level, but it's tough enough to penetrate through the cardboard box for practicing purposes only.

Also, it can shoot up to 30 yards at targets with a decent amount of accuracy.

Highlighted Features

  • 16-24 inches draw length.
  • Accurate draw cycle of 5-10 yards.
  • Suitable for 4 to 7-year-old kids learning to handle this weapon.
  • Lightweight, hence easy to carry.
  • Durable grip and armrest for enhanced steadiness.
  • Steal for the money.

3. Barnett 1108 Vortex Bow fishing Compound Bow Package

Barnett Archery Bow

Well, Barnett ideally distributes sports and outdoor accessories for a long time, and they possess the legacy to render quality products for various needs. While some of the top brands focus on versatility, this one dedicatedly caters to very specific purposes.

For instance, Barnett presents this 1108 Vortex Archery Bow that is solely made for right-handed archers with the capacity of 31 to 45lbs draw weight.

Meaning, if you can pull at least 31lbs, then this archery bow is going to come in handy. Besides, this archery bow incorporates adjustable draw modules that ensure having utmost control over the drag and overall shooting.

Arguably, this is the best compound bow for shooting big fishes. No wonder if you are into fish hunting and want to impress your friends with your skills, then this H20 Youth Archery Bow can tickle your fancy.

This is extremely lightweight; hence, portability is guaranteed. You can easily move from one place to another without having to undergo a back strain. However, this package includes bow slingshots, relevant tools and crossbows for hunting that you require during hunting events.

The lightweight aluminum riser is accompanied by split limbs, which facilitates optimal support on every shot you make.

In addition, with a draw length of 26.625" to 28" and a brace height of 6-7/8", you are always ready to hit the bullseye. Because the brace height here manifests to distributed accuracy.

The more brace height you get, the more accurate your shot becomes. That's like some solid science!

Hence, with a maximum of 7/8 inches brace height, the Barnett Vortex H20 compound bow package ensures providing you a blissful fishing experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for newbie bow-fishers.
  • Overall construction meets ATA/AMO standards.
  • Easy to install and shoot.
  • Dual cam ensures smooth draws with 60-70% let-off.
  • Factory tuned.
  • Weighs only 2.3lbs, thus easy to carry.
  • 26.625” to 28 inches draw length.
  • Durable.

4. AUSAIL Archery Bow and Arrow set

Archery Bow and Arrow Set

If you are on the lookout for the best bow and arrow set for your kid, then rejoice! AUSAIL has your back!

This brand offers a recurve bow set that includes 6 arrows, 4 target faces, and 4 target pins so that your child can improve their aiming game. It's undeniably the most effective addition to your 10-year old's sports accessories.

However, teenagers can also practice with this set; in fact, that would be a great introduction to the world of archery.

This bow offers both hand orientations. Thanks to the ambidextrous riser design for making it possible for lefties to have a steady grip. Speaking of this, AUSAIL ensures a soft-touch grip to reduce the tension you feel around your wrist.

Furthermore, it's comprised of silicone finger guards for enhanced safety and convenience. On top of that, the arrowheads are not too sharp, it's rather blunt to prevent any potential risk of injuries.

Here, you will get 44 inches overall length along with 22-24 inches maximum draw length and 16-20lbs draw weight precisely. For a 10-year-old, the shooting ability is enough to reach farther distances.

Also, the fact that the fiberglass construction is supremely lightweight and compact, your kid can easily carry it wherever they go.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable fiberglass build.
  • Improved safety.
  • Lightweight yet powerful enough.
  • 22-24 inches max draw length.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Accurate shooting and decent pullback.

5. Gonex Recurve Long Archery bow for Beginners

Gonex Takedown Archery Bow

This brand continues to enhance and expand high-quality and long-lasting outdoor equipment. As their slogan implies, “go, next," they ensure reaching beyond the pace of sports.

Now, Gonex here offers the best hunting bows for all the novice adults who are willing to achieve an effective head-start. It has a maximum draw length of 30 inches and 45 pounds draw weight.

Certainly, you can shoot your shot with utmost accuracy. Be it a still target or moving one, Gonex recurve bow got it covered.

Furthermore, the layered maple and fiberglass construction improves the overall durability and makes the design flexible.

This bow is only available in right-handed design. However, for beginner archers, it’s utterly easy to practice. The bow limbs have a consistent, smooth texture that can be associated with the metal riser.

And this metal riser features a lightweight profile, including ergonomic grips and easy adjustability.

Unlike most of the compound bows, Gonex ensures that the riser facilitates effortless adjustment so that the beginners aren't perplexed at all. Moreover, you can detach the limb from the riser for storage convenience.

Also, any kind of modifying or amendments can be done by simply removing the part you don’t want. Just send the part you want to repair instead of transporting the whole thing.

Especially the draw weight can be adjusted for updating the takedown bow with new limbs. In case you are a beginner and just started practicing, we recommend you lowering the draw weights until you get your hands on high-performing bows.

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish and functional maple and fiberglass profile.
  • Easy to detach and install.
  • Various drawback weight availability from 40lbs to 50lbs.
  • Storage and transport-friendly.
  • Maximum 30 inches draw length.
  • Easier adjustments than compound bows.

6. ROOTMEOMORY Archery Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

Rootmemory Archery Arrows Set

Gladly, this ROOTMEMORY unit can be regarded as the best bow on the market as it’s the perfect recurve bow set for beginners. It has everything lined up for a newbie who just started shooting.

This set comes with a 30lb draw weight, and in this package, you will only get 6 arrows. In our opinion, it might not be sufficient for a novice archer.

So, if you think you will require more than that, then you can either purchase more arrows specifically or order the alternative version, which has the draw weight of 40lb and offers 9 arrows.

Another thing you need to consider is your capabilities in drawing the bow. If you can pull anything around 30 to 40lb draw weight, then this will work for you undoubtedly.

Here, you will get a durable wooden riser that can be easily taken down. Also, the riser possesses high resistance and elasticity. On the other hand, the limbs are made with quality fiberglass so that you will get a smoother edge and can shoot without any possible injuries.

Besides, the overall installation process is more than easy. You can transport it without having to deal with excessive load.

It’s lightweight and very compact when collapsed. The fact that the limb and riser easily suit themselves inside a backpack is quite impressive.

Now, apart from these attributes, there's one more thing that makes it stand out, which is budget-friendliness. These are extremely cheap and, in the meantime, impeccably effective for beginners.

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth limb edges for improved safety.
  • 30lbs draw weight ensures accuracy.
  • Fits into your backpack once dissembled.
  • Value for money.
  • Supremely portable.

7. Dostyle Archery Takedown Bow

DOSTYLE Archery Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

This brand has an impressive reputation in the realm of archery. Especially the Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set has immense popularity amongst the adult and teen archers.

It comes with one hardwood riser, two fiberglass bow limbs, one bowstring, five arrows, and six target faces.

Hence, you get everything you supposedly need for your shooting competition. Yes, you heard it right. This set can be used for professional shooting as the hardwood riser and limbs are supremely durable. Also, setting it up is effortless.

The straightforward design makes it extremely user-friendly. All the rookie archers who are just introduced to bows can easily get accustomed to its operation. Besides, the arrow rest is tailored with seal skin that withstands wear and ensures elasticity.

Anyways, this bow set doesn't work for lefties. If you are right-handed, then this one can ensure giving you high performance.

It has an overall bow length of 52 inches with 30 inches draw length. And the brace height is 14.57"– allowing superior accuracy during various hunting sessions.

Anyone who is capable of exerting around 40pounds of force while pulling the bow can try this set to nourish their skills. Long story short, it's one of the best bows on the market in terms of cost-effectiveness and accuracy.

Highlighted Features

  • Long-lasting wooden riser and limb design.
  • Three different package availability.
  • Soft-touch grip for better handling.
  • Straightforward installation.
  • Water-resistant seal-skin for arrow rest construction.
  • Weighs only 3.3lbs for enhanced portability.
  • String head is wear-resistant.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Perfect Archery Bow

Archery Bow

Undeniably, it’s overwhelming to bag the exact archery bow you want when there are so many options, and all of them seem too good to be true. No matter if it's a gaming PC you intend to buy or a vintage car.

You got at wade through all the specifications, initial cost, maintenance, additional accessories, and most importantly, "the purpose of buying."

Hence, first thing first, what you have to do is to recognize the "reason" why you need that particular thing or what your expectations are.

For instance, why do you want an archery bow? Are you a beginner or a professional archer? Are you willing to go deer hunting, or you just want to do some recreational stuff? And the questions go on.

After breaking them down, finally, you’ll be aware of what you exactly need. Now, keep these in mind and check out this thorough buying guide to pick the ideal archery bow.


While you are thinking of animal hunting, the first thing that pops up in your mind is to gain optimal speed. However, even if the arrow is released at a higher speed, it might lose the target due to jumped string. This happens when the target animal moves just before the arrow hits it.

That’s indeed disappointing. Hence, having something over 250 FPS speed range won’t make any difference if the speed isn't accurate where it needs to be. Back in the days, anything around 250 FPS was considered a wonder.

But now, with all the modification and development, few bows are able to shoot up to 370 FPS. So, what you have to do is to purchase a bow with a maximum arrow speed of 260 to 270 FPS.

During this event, make sure to consider how much speed you require for the job and how much speed you can handle.

Long story short, having a bow with a sky-high speed range won’t make you succeed. There are other things to comprehend.

Brace Height

It’s pointless if you can shoot at the fastest rate yet miss the target. Ever wondered why it happens?

Well, the answer is lack of accuracy. As much as you need a bow with the appropriate speed, you also require optimal accuracy to hit the target.

So, what depicts the level of accuracy in an archery bow? It’s the brace height. This one feature plays the most important role in terms of accuracy; however, each part is interconnected.

The brace height basically refers to the measurement from the grip of your bow to the string.

Here, the longer the brace height, the more accurate the shot becomes. Now, here’s the twist. If the brace height is taller, then the speed will be comprised, or it will be reduced.

As opposed to that, when the brace height is smaller, the faster and less accurately the bow shoots.

That’s where you do easy math. If the operation requires higher speed, but 6 inches brace height is enough for accuracy, then having a smaller brace height will work.

On the other hand, if 7-8 inches brace height is required, or you are looking for a competition bow where accuracy is most wanted, then a taller brace height is the one for you.

Bow’s Weight

Well, people might tell you to comprise a quality bow because it weighs a lot, or it's too heavy to carry. But in reality, a heavy bow doesn’t mean it lacks accuracy or any other attributes.

The only time when you need to avoid picking a heavy bow is during hunting. Because while you are hunting, you are supposed to travel from one place to another with all the necessary equipment.

And a heavy bow will add up extra weight, which will make you hinder your mobility. On the contrary, when you are target practicing or recreation shooting, a heavier bow can do the job just right.

Now, while you are opting for the ideal bow weight, the seller will tell you about the draw weight only. Here, you must decipher the weight from the sights, broadheads including arrows, armrest, and the quiver.

It might make you think that having a quiver full of arrows might intensify the overall weight.

But in reality, it doesn’t make any radical difference until you are not aiming at something like 40 to 50 yards. Just stick to the ideal weight depending on the type of shooting you are into.

Draw Length

archery bow reviews

It’s crucial to choose the proper draw length in order to shoot a bow perfectly. Mostly it minimizes the potential risks of getting injured by slapping your forearm with the string.

Also, while you drag the bow too far, it kickbacks aggressively, which might cause you harm as well. Hence, make sure to choose a bow that offers an adjustable draw length.

Consecutively, you can easily personalize the draw length depending on your arm span and comfort. However, not all compound and recurve bows provide adjustable draw length; it's rather fixed.

So, they need cams or machines to manipulate the overall draw length. Make sure to measure the suitable draw length by dividing the arm span of yours by 2.5 inches. This way, you will get the approximate measurement.

Draw Weight

Only the top-notch bows are utterly versatile when it comes to the poundage. But, typically, most of the bows are engineered with a 10-pound adjustment profile. For instance, when you are buying a bow with the weight set at 40 pounds, the highest you can adjust is to 50.

However, if you are willing to maximize it, then you better attach limbs or cams to pack with the new weight. Note that there are also bows that offer a 20 to 70lbs adjustment window.

So here, what you need to do is to pick the one that goes well with your age and weight.

If you are giving it to a child who weighs 55-70lbs, then the draw weight should be 10-15lbs. On the flip side, if you are a medium-framed man and you weigh around 150-180lbs, then the draw weight should be around 55-65lbs.

So, check out the recommended ranges according to your weight, then look for the ideal draw weight of the bow.


In addition to having all the aforementioned features, look for some additional ones – such as the sights, rest, release aids, etc. Here, the sight will help you pinpoint the target or to set a reference point.

This way, you will achieve more consistency. Besides, the rest is basically an external attachment that you install in your bow to keep the arrow steady and firm at the same angle.

It eliminates the need to fix or re-positioning the same angle perpetually. Now, about the release aids, it helps to provide perfect shot placements with utmost comfort.

State Regulation

Always make sure to check on the state regulation regarding minimum to maximum poundage for a certain age. After perceiving them, ensure purchasing the bow that meets the requirements. Also, assure abiding by the laws as it defines your obedience and discipline as an archer.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the finest compound bow for the money?

Answer: There are so many budget-friendly options available, but Bear Archer renders the cost-effective compound bows without compromising quality.

2. What is the ideal draw weight for a large-framed woman?

Answer: 65-75lbs would be ideal.

3. Does sound quality matter in a bow?

Answer: Indeed. If your bow makes too much noise during a release, then most probably, it will scare off the animals, and thus you will miss the target. The quieter, the better!

4. Is it safe to give my 4-year-old an archery bow set?

Answer: Yes, it is. In fact, there are so many archery bows and arrow sets that are specifically crafted for kids. It not only enhances their shooting skills but also fuels their confidence. However, make sure the arrows they are using are blunt so that they don’t get hurt.

5. How much money should I invest?

Answer: If you are planning to get better at what you are doing, then you definitely need a competent bow with numerous features. And for that, you might need to extend your budget.

Although, buying one expensive bow with quality will last for years. But if you are more like an occasional shooter, then it's better not to invest much. Anything mediocre will work.

Final Words

Honestly, none of them are flawless. They have their shortcomings in certain aspects, albeit their individual specialties represent the purpose of purchasing them.

Now all you have to do is to determine what you truly need and what can suffice your expectations. Whatever meets your requirements for the best archery bow the closest will work just fine.

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